1. ´╗┐What contains a number of nerve cell bodies? ganglion
  2. What transmits impulses of sensation? Nerve
  3. What is a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain? Nerve Tract
  4. What is a specialized nerve cell? Neuron
  5. The central part of the object which creates activity and growth? nucleus
  6. What insulates the axon of a neuron? Myelin sheath
  7. When the axon has a myelin sheath. Myelinated
  8. What forms the outermost layer of a nerve fiber in the CNS? Neurilemmal sheath
  9. What is in the PNS and produce the myelin sheath around the axon? Schwann cell
  10. When a nerve fiber lacks the myelin sheath. Unmyelinated
  11. What does it mean when something is polarized in several directions? Multipolar
  12. What is being polarized in two ways or directions, having two poles? Bipolar
  13. What is having or relating to a single pole or kind of polarity? Unipolar
  14. What transmits impulses between other neurons? interneuron
  15. What is a nerve cell that forms a part of a pathway which impulses pass from the brain or spinal cord? Neurons located in the CNS. Motor neuron
  16. Neurons located in the PNS. Sensory neuron
  17. Positive sodium ion. Na+
  18. positive potassium ion. K+
  19. Allows potassium to flow into or out of the nerve. K+ gate
  20. allows sodium to flow into or out of the nerve. Na+ gate
  21. What is the resting potential? -70mv
  22. Protein channels that open under certain circumstances? Gated channels
  23. Gradient
  24. What is the electrical potential difference between the interior and exterior of the cell? Membrane potential
  25. What pumps in and out sodium and potassium to keep the nerve cell functioning properly? Na+/K+ pump
  26. what is -70 mv? Resting potential
  27. What is the intensity that must be met in order to make the nerve cell fire?`Threshold
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