Chapter 13- Technology for Teaching and Learning

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  1. The application of technology for the enhancement of teaching, learning, and assessment.
    Instructional Technology
  2. A learning situation in which the teacher and student are not in the same location
    Distance Education
  3. Sometimes called virtual education, a common form of distance education in which teaching and learning take place via the internet
    Online Learning
  4. In education, describes a school that has passed quality assessment, and credits earned generally qualify for graduation at traditional schools
  5. A malfunction presentation device that can function as a dry erase board, but also, when connected to a computer and projector, functions as a large computer screen with many capabilities for teaching and learning
    Interactive Whiteboard
  6. In learning, an example of similar excellent work that students can use as they complete an assignment
  7. A set of school rules or "computer code of conduct" students must follow in order to use school computers or other technology
    Acceptable Use Policy
  8. The use of someone else's original words or ideas without giving that person credit
  9. An Inquiry based learning project utilizing information from pre-selected web sites
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