Spanish Verbs April

  1. To Send
    I sent you a message via email
    • Enviar
    • Te envie un mensaje via correo electronico

    • Envio
    • Envias
    • Envia
    • Enviamos
    • Enviais
    • Envian

    Rest are normal
  2. To go away, Leave
    "It's late, I'm going home"
    • Marcharse
    • "Es tarde, me marcho a casa"

    Regular Conjugation
  3. To Rest
    I need to rest a bit
    • Descansar
    • Necesito descansar un rato
  4. To Stay
    I stayed in the car while Laurie picked up dani
    • Quedarse
    • Me quede en el coche mientras Laurita recogio a Dani
    • recoger = to pick up
    • Normal
  5. To in pass, approve of
    We are waiting that they approve it
    • Aprobar
    • Esperamos que lo aprueben
  6. To Process
    Spain is processing our visa application now
    • Tramitar
    • Espana esta tramitando nuestra solicitud de visado ahora
  7. To Celebrate
    This month, we had celebrated Dani's birthday with a party
    • Celebrar
    • Este Mes, Hemos Celebrado el cumpleanos de Dani con una fiesta
  8. To Drive
    Is it safe to drive in Madrid?
    • Conducir
    • Esta seguro conducir en Madrid?
  9. To Ride
    We rode our bikes in Spain
    • Montar
    • Montamos nuestras bicicletas en Espana
  10. To Take (as in ride a bus)
    Laurie takes BART to work every day
    • Coger
    • Laurie coge BART a trabajo todos los dias
  11. To Treat
    The people of Thailand treat them badly
    • Tratar
    • La gente de Tailandia los tratan mal
  12. To Remember
    I need to remember that 'c' in Spanish is 'th'
    • Recordar
    • Necesito recordar que 'c' en espanol es 'th'
  13. To hear
    I heard many good things about Alicante
    • Oir
    • Oi muy buenas cosas sobre Alicante
    • Oigo
    • Oyes
    • Oye
    • Oimos
    • Ois
    • Oyen

    • Oi
    • oiste
    • oyo
    • oimos
    • oistei
    • oyeron
  14. To Play ( instrument) to Touch
    I want to play the guitar when we are in Spain
    • Tocar
    • Queiro tocar la guitarra cuando estamos en Espania
  15. Difference between Entender and Comprender
    -I understand the people when they speak to me
    - I understand that you are sad
    • Comprender Understands feeling, emotions
    • Entender understands ideas and concepts
    • -Entiendo la gente cuando me habla
    • -Comprendo que estas triste
  16. To Enjoy
    • Disfrutar
    • Regular
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