Anatomy Heart Disorders

  1. arrhythmia
    irregular heartbeat
  2. aneurysm
    weakened blood vessel
  3. angina pectoris
    pain in the chest
  4. angiocardiogram
    inject dye in blood to see image of the blood
  5. angioplasty
    stenting; surgical repair/re-canalization of a blood vessel
  6. arteriosclerosis
    hardening of arteries (vessels fill with plaque, especially veins)
  7. A-V block
    gap between P-wave and QRS because delay of signal to get to A-V valve
  8. congestive heart failure
    other organs contribute to heart failure
  9. coronary artery disease
    hardening of arteries in heart
  10. coronary bypass
    replaces blood vessel with one from somewhere else
  11. fibrillation
    2 sections of heart are out of sync
  12. flutter
    part of heart beating faster than rest
  13. heart murmer
    valves not closing at same time
  14. interatrial septal defect
    hole (called foraman ovale) in septum between atrias, so blood can bypass lungs (occurs naturally but closes after birth)
  15. ischemia
    areas not getting blood
  16. mitral valve prolapse
    valve turns inside out so blood goes back to atria
  17. myocardial infarction
    heart attack
  18. necrosis
    cells die because of lack of blood
  19. pericarditis
    infection of membrane around the heart
  20. rheumatic fever
    valves become damaged from strep
  21. stenosis
    narrowing of blood vessel
  22. stent
    metal/plastic tube put in blood vessel to keep it open
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