East Asian Studies

  1. Shinto
    Religion of Japan--like daoism... shin- spirit/gods .... to- the way
  2. Story of Izanami and Izanagi
    origin of the sun
  3. Jamon Period
    • People appear to have been the first ones to create pottery
    • hunters and gatherers
  4. Yayoi Period
    Beginning of Cultivating rice
  5. Kofun
    Growth of local states known as Vji... they have their own gods known as kami who watches over them... 3 classes among them: 1. royal 2. commoner 3. slaves
  6. Vji
    local states
  7. Kami
    god to the local states who watches over them
  8. Prince Shitoku
  9. Men and Women in Japanese society
    How has this changed over time?
    • Men: Dont write, spend most time in courts. Sons are sent to schools... higher power than women
    • Women:Dont write, not sent to school. Daughters are going to move away someday. Women are used as spys for their families. They like to do this because it allows them to get away from the compound. These women are middle level elite.
  10. Tale of Genji
    Look Up in notes
  11. 5 patris
    Patriarchy, patronymy, patrilocality, patrilineality, patrimony
  12. Patriarchy
    Male domination in society
  13. Patronymy
    Who gets what name? Do sons and daughters inheret fathers name or mothers?
  14. Patrilocality
    Wives live with husbands family
  15. Patrilineality
    relationships in society of fathers lineage
  16. Patrimony
    Things inhereted
  17. Matrilocality
    husband moves in with wives family
  18. neolocality
    couple sets up own home.... like USA
  19. Duolocality
    Men and women dont move in together, stay where they are
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