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  1. metformin is available as
    • 850 mg tablet
    • 500 mg sustained release tablet
  2. what is the absolute bioavailability of Metformin
  3. what happens to the F as the dose of metformin increases
    F decreases
  4. how does food affect Metformin absorption
    decreases extent of absorption by 25%
  5. how does food affect Cmax of metformin
    increases time to reach Cmax by 35 min
  6. what is the normal tmax of metformin
    1-3 hrs after dose
  7. what is the PPB for metformin
  8. how is metformin metabolized
    it is not metabolized
  9. what is the approximate renal clearance of metformin
    3.5X creatinine clearance
  10. what is the elimination half-life of metformin
    6.2 hrs
  11. what is the elimination half life of metformin in the blood
    17.6 hrs (erythrocyte sequestering)
  12. tolazamide comes in what forms
    • 100
    • 250
    • 500 mg tabs
  13. what is the tmax of tolazamide
    3.4 hrs
  14. how is tolazimide metabolized
    extensively in the liver
  15. how many metabolites does tolazamide have
    5 major metabolites
  16. how is tolazamide excreted
    • 85 urine
    • 7 feces
  17. PPB of tolazamide
    highly PPB >90%
  18. how long does it take for hypoglycemic effects to take place after dose
    20 min
  19. what is the elimination half life of tolazamide
    7 hrs
  20. how many doses does it take to reach ss in tolazamide
    4-6 doses
  21. glipizide comes in what doses
    • 5-10 mg conventional tab
    • 5-10 mg sus release tab
  22. how many more time potent is first gen SU vs 2nd gen SU
  23. what is the F of glipizide
  24. what is the tmax of glipizide
  25. when does the peak effect occur with glipizide
    2-3 hrs after does
  26. how does food effect glipizide
    delays absorption
  27. PPB of glipizide
  28. elimination half life of glipizide
    2-4 hrs
  29. how is glipizide metabolized
    extensively in liver
  30. how much glipizide is excreted unchanged in the urine
  31. how is rosiglitazone available
    2,4,8mg tab
  32. what is the absolute F of Rosi
  33. what is the tmax of Rosi
    1 hr
  34. how does food affect absorption, Tmax, Cmax of Rosi
    • delays absorption rate
    • increase Tmax
    • decrease Cmax
  35. how does food affect Rosi AUC
    does not change
  36. how is Rosi metabolized
    extensively in liver
  37. CI of Rosi
    acute liver disease
  38. elimination half life of Rosi
    3-4 hrs
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