Ch. 11 d Cardiac muscle (lecture)

  1. What are some important properties of cardiac muscle?
    • Cells of each chamber must contract in unison
    • Must work even under unconscious control
    • Must be highly resistant to fatigue
    • Uses nearly exclusively aerobic respiration, has large mitochondria
  2. What are the linkages between cardiac myocytes?
    Intercalated discs
  3. What are some features of smooth muscle cells?
    • Thick and thin filaments are not aligned, so no striations.
    • Only one nucleus
    • Involuntary
  4. Axons do not connect to smooth muscle and make an NMJ. How do smooth muscle cells get their stimulation?
    From branches of a nerve fiber called a vericocyte, which forms a synapse. The cells contract in unison because they are electrically connected by their gap junctions.
  5. What are the two layers of smooth muscle cells?
    • Circular layer (inner)
    • Longitudinal layer (outer)
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