carpentry 1- residential floor frames

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  1. name 2 framing styles other than platform framing.
    • 1. balloon
    • 2. post and beam
  2. the main disadvantage of the platform framing system is the potential for ______ at every floor level.
  3. list 3 common on centre spacing for residential floor frames using solid wood joists.
    • 1. 12"
    • 2. 16"
    • 3. 24"
  4. a ____ joist runs in the same direction as regular joists and is at the edge of the floor frame
  5. a_____ joist is a short joist parallel to the regular joists at the end of stairwell openings.
  6. all solid wood joists require____mm or ____ inch minimum end bearing
    38m, 1 1/2"
  7. cutting the joists to fit around the shape of a steel beam is called_____ the joist.
  8. the maximum projection of joists beyond a beam is _____mm
  9. a wood sill should be anchored to a concrete foundation wall with _____mm diameter anchor bolts, embedded____mm into the foundation wall, spaced at _____ mm maximum on centre.
    12.7mm, 100mm, 2400
  10. the clear span the clear span of a joist is the horizontal measurement from______ to ______.
    inside face of support to inside face of support
  11. does reducing the on-centre spacing of floor joists increase of decrease their allowable span?
  12. if joists are spaced at 16" on centre and a tape measure is hooked to the end of the header joists, the measurement to the edge of the first regular joist would be.
    15 1/4"
  13. joist hangers are required by code for double header joists supported by double trimmer joists.
  14. according to the national building code, when are double trimmers required around an opening?
    if length of header exceeds 800mm
  15. according to the national building code, when are double headers required around an opening?
    if length exceeds 1200mm
  16. if non load bearing wall runs parallel to the main joists, what must be installed below it?
    needs either a joist below or blocking spaced 1200mm  o.c.
  17. what must be installed below a loadbearing wall running parallel to the joists?
    be supported by an engineered beam or bearing wall that transfers the load to a footing
  18. the required clearance between a floor joist and a masonry chimney that is within the building walls is ___mm
    50 mm
  19. cantilevered 2 by 10 (38mm by 235mm) floor joists supporting a roof load can project ___ mm beyond the support
    600 mm
  20. according to the national building code, what are the nailing requirements for doubling a header or trimmer?
    2 rows of 3" nails staggered 12" on  centre
  21. if a joist has a clear span of 3550 mm, ____ row of bridging is required.
  22. when should the nailing of cross bridging be completed?
    tops should be done  before subfloor, bottom as late as possible to allow for the building settling
  23. if tongue and groove subfloor sheathing is not used  __ by __ blocking or backing is required under all support edges
    2 by 2
  24. if laying out cross bridging for 2 by 10 spaced at 16" o.c., _____would be held on the tongue and______would be held on the body of the framing square.
    8 7/8" and 14 1/2"
  25. a notch should only be cut in the ___of a wood joist.
  26. the max. diameter hole that can be drilled in a 38 by 286 joist is _____ mm
  27. a sheet of subfloor sheathing requires nails at _____ mm apart along the ends and _____ mm apart in the centre of the sheet
    150, 300
  28. which should be the leading edge when applying sheathing?
    the groove
  29. what is the minimum length of subfloor sheathing that should be used?
    2 subfloor spaces
  30. tongue and groove subfloor sheathing requires a ___mm gap between sheets to allow for possible expansion
    2 mm
  31. what is the minimum length of spiral nail required to fasten 5/8" t and g plywood to floor joists?
  32. why should parts of conventional solid wood and engineered floor systems not be mixed?
    because they have a different shrinkage amount
  33. in an engineered floor frame, what component does a pony wall replace that is found in a conventional frame?
    rim joist
  34. if there is concentrated load on an engineered floor frame, what is installed on either side of an "I" joist to transfer the load to the structural members below?
    crush or squash blocks
  35. squash blocks should be accurately cut to 1/16 or 2 mm higher than the ___.
    I joist
  36. where is it safe to drill holes in the bottom chord of a floor truss?
    no where
  37. if a large diameter hole is required through the web of an "I"joist, the best location is _____
    at the centre of the span
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