maths chapter1

  1. whats a natural number
    a natural number is every number except zero
  2. whats a divisor
    divisors are all the numbers to dived into another number
  3. whats a square root
    • a square root is a faster way of multiplying
    • eg.
    • (2)(2)(2)=2 with a small 3 next to it
  4. what are factors
    • factors are the number you multiply to gert another number
    • eg.
    • the factors of 12 are
    • (12 by 2)(2 by 6)( 3 by 4)
  5. whats the highest common factor mean
    the highest common factor is the highest number common between 2 sets of factors
  6. whats a prime number
    a prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself and 1
  7. multiple
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