Lower GI Test

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  1. in an AP axial projection of the rectosigmoid how much do you oblique the patiant and which way
    • 30-40 degrees
    • LPO
  2. know parts for a single contrast study
  3. know the order for small and large intestine
    • Small- 
    • 1)Duodenum
    • 2)Jejunum
    • 3)Ileum
    • Large-
    • 1)Cecum
    • 2)Colon
    • 3)Rectum
    • 4)anal Canal
  4. what temp should the water be for a barium enema
    Room temperture
  5. what are the digestive movements of the small and large intestine
    • Small- "
    • (1) peristalsis
    • (2) rhythmic segmentation."

    • Large- "(1) peristalsis,
    • (2) haustral  churning,
    • (3) mass peristalsis, and
    • (4) defecation" ck each citation for accuracy before use.
  6. whats the purpose of the ileocecal Valve
    • prevents contents from passing too quickly into the cecum
    • prevents reflux
  7. the muscular portion of the intestinal wall contains 3 external bands of longitudinal muscle fiber called______
  8. whats the recommended KV range for a single contrast BE
  9. which laxative is classified as irritant
    castor oil, magnesium
  10. which part of the small bowel gives you a feathery appearance
  11. the left lateral decub will show you what? demestraight air where
    • the left Colic Flexture open
    • "Demonstrate the entire contrast-filled large intestine, especially helpful in identifying polyps"
  12. what substances are used in enteroclysis
    Very thin barium such as Volumen or water

  13. which flexture will be open in a RAO position
    "The Right colic  flexure"
  14. know parts of small bowel
    • Doudenum
    • Jejunum
    • Illium
  15. what position helps to demenstraight polyps
    left lateral decub
  16. how  high should the enama bag b above table
    no higher than 60 center-meters above table
  17. know where barium/air is in positions
  18. what lead amount should you wear during floroscopy
    .5mm pb
  19. what is the vermiform attach to
    "attached to the posteromedial aspect of the cecum"
  20. which aspect of the small intestinse is the widest
  21. which 2 positions open up the left colic flexture
    RPO & LAO
  22. for 1hour radiography of small bowel what is the  requirement what position where is the cr alined to
  23. which body habitus is the large intestine located higher and more lateral
  24. how long is the small intestine
    • Autopsy- 23 feet
    • actual length- 15-18 feet
  25. Image Upload 1
    esophagogastric junction
  26. know recipes for thin and thick barium mixture
    • Thin- 1 part water 1 part Barium
    • Thick 1 part Water 3or4 part Barium
  27. know parts of scotty dog
  28. how much do you rotate for rao of stermun on a large chest
  29. know parts of ribs
  30. know structures found in ribs
  31. what position would elongate the right antieror ribs
  32. what are the routine positions for a sturnum
  33. know parts of butterfly
  34. how much is the cr angled for a butterfly
    30-40 cephalad
  35. inserting a tip what position is the patient in
  36. what are the requirements for a lateral rectum
    • "Minimum SID—40 inches (102 cm) • IR size—24 × 30 cm (10 × 12 inches),lengthwise • Grid 30 • Analog or digital systems: 100 to 125 kV" 
    • "Center CR to level of anterior superior iliac spine (asis) and midcoronal plane"
  37. what are the 2 ways to do a lateral rectum
    Ventral & Lateral
  38. if you see overlap with the sigmoid colon and rectum how can you correct or desperate them
  39. AP axial or RAO
  40. be able to identify SUPINE PRONE ERECT AIR BARUIM
  41. know parts of c spine
  42. kv range for single contrast barium enema
  43. centering point for lateral decub BE
    At iliac crest
  44. Image Upload 2B
    Cardiac notch
  45. Image Upload 3C
  46. Image Upload 4D
  47. Image Upload 5E
  48. Image Upload 6 F
  49. Image Upload 7 G
  50. Image Upload 8 H
  51. Image Upload 9 I
  52. Image Upload 10 J
  53. Image Upload 11 A
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