Ch.5 race racism and racial stereotypes

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  1. What is race?
    category of people who share same skin color and associated physical qualities
  2. What is ethnicity?
    cluster of non-physical cultural characteristics
  3. What are cultural stereotypes?
    set of traits and characteristics that people associate with a particular social group
  4. What are personal social beliefs?
    aspects of the cultural stereotype of ethnic groups that they themselves believe or espouse
  5. What is colorism?
    stereotyping and discrimination based on skin color that occurs within a racial group
  6. What is the stereotype content model?
    model stating that stereotypes about other groups often reflect two content dimensions: competence and sociability
  7. What is ambivalence?
    association of both positive and negative traits toward an ethnic group
  8. What is racism?
    behavior that discriminates against people because of their race
  9. What is affirmative action?
    promote equal opportunity for Blacks in college admissions and the workplace
  10. What are scapegoats?
    targets of displaced hostility, tend to be members of relatively powerless social groups like immigrants
  11. What is White privilege?
    state of having advantage and opportunity because of one's White skin color
  12. What is White guilt?
    associated with negative evaluations of one's (white) racial group, greater awareness of the privileges of being White compared to Black
  13. What are the black cultural stereotypes?
    Lazy, ignorant, musical, superstitious, religious, athletic.
  14. What are the hispanic cultural stereotypes?
    laziness, aggressiveness, cruelty, ignorance, and low intelligence
  15. What are the asian cultural stereotypes?
    intelligent, industrious, quiet, family oriented, and being good in math and science.
  16. What are the jewish cultural stereotypes?
    • intelligent, ambitious, successful, industrious, and loyal to family (postive)
    • dishonesty, money loving, pushy, and ruthlessness (negative)
  17. Cultures and stereotype content model:
    • Blacks (lowest warmth, lowest competence)
    • Latino (low warmth, low competence)
    • Jew (low warmth, semi-high competence)
    • Asians (low warmth, high competence)
    • baby face black (semi-low warmth, high competence)
    • White (high warmth, high competence)
  18. What is contemptuous prejudice?
    marked by feelings of anger and resentment
  19. What is envious prejudice?
    feelings of jealousy toward those of stereotypically high competence and low warmth
  20. What is paternalistic prejudice?
    feelings of sympathy and pity
  21. Racism and criminal justice system?
    Blacks more aggressive and violent than whites. Blacks more likely to be incarcerated than whites (juries more likely in favor of whites)
  22. Racism and health care system?
    leads to less medical pill subscriptions being filled due to feeling of racial discrimination
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