Chapter 11:Topic 5

  1. Spinal tracts that conduct sensory impulses to the brain
    Ascending Tract
  2. Conduct motor impulses from brain to motor neurons reaching muscles/glands
    Descending Tract
  3. Tracts in posterior funiculi of spinal cord; their fibers conduct sensory nerve impulses from skin, muscles, tendons, & joints to brain
    Fasiculus Gracilis/Cuneatus
  4. Lie near surface in lateral funiculi of spinal cord
    Spinocerebeller Tract
  5. In later and anterior funiculi respectively; conduct impulses from various body regions & give rise to sensations of pain & temp
    Spinothalamic Tract
  6. Occupy lateral & anterior respectively; most fibers cross over in lower medulla oblongata
    Corticospinal Tract
  7. Also called corticospinal, often called pyramid because they pass through pyramid shaped regions in medulla oblongata
    Pyramid Tracts
  8. Include reticulospinal & rubrospinal tracts
    Extrapyramid Tract
  9. List the descending tracts:
    Extrapyramid, Pyramid, Corticospinal
  10. List the ascending tracts:
    Fasiculus Gracilis/Cuneatus, Spinocerebeller, and Spinothalamic
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Chapter 11:Topic 5
Chapter 11:Topic 5