Onco exam 3 Schiff sources/chemistry

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  1. Source: semisynthetic derivative of sirolimus; rapamycin derivative

    Type: macrolide; rapamycin derivative

    Properties: colorless solid; no ionizable functional groups; water insoluble
    • temsirolimus
    • everolimus
  2. Source: semisynthetic derivative of polyketide macrolactone (Epothilone B); isolated from myxobacterium from edge of Zambezi River

    Type: macrolactam; thiazole + macrolide ring

    Properties: no ionizable functional groups; neutral lactam N; thiazole N electrons delocalized (no salt formation); solubility by incorporation into castor oil and alcohol
  3. Source: dried rhizones and mayapple/American mandrake; part of a mixture of resins

    Type: lignan (dimeric phenylpropanoid)

    Properties: biologically activity dependent on lactone ring exisiting in trans-configuration
  4. Source: semi-synthetic lignan of derivative of podophyllotoxin

    Type: phosphate ester

    Properties: phosphate ester lessens volume of solution administered and time of administration
    • Etoposide
    • Teniposide
  5. Source: fruits of Ammi visnaga, a Mediterreanean

    Type: furancocoumarin

    Properties: pale yellow; low water solubility; effects enhanced following exposure to UV-A
  6. Source: seeds of plant Euphorbia lathyris; sap of plant Eurphorbia peplus

    Type: diterpene alcohol; also a tetraol

    Properties: 4 x C5 units; contains angelic acid
  7. Source: metabolite of retinol; prepared by oxidation of retinal

    Type: carotene derivative

    Properties: lipophilic; low water solubility
  8. Sources: derivative of Vit A; biosynthesis from all trans retinoic acid

    Type: carotene derivative

    properties: lypophyilic, low water solubility
  9. second gen retinoid used for therapy of severe psoriasis in adults

    derivative of retinoic acid
  10. Source/Type: a rexinoid:

    properties: synthetic, lipophilic, weak acid
  11. Source: purified product of a hematoporphyrin derivative

    Type: light-sensitive polyporphyrin oligomer

    properties: red-orange color; made of ppyrrole rings
    Porfimer sodium
  12. source: fermentation of streptomyces antivioticus

    type: 2'-deoxycoformycin (DCF)

    properties: colorless nucleoside, weak base, water soluble, contains inosine
  13. Source: fermentation product of E. coli and Erwina carotovoras

    Type: enzyme made of 4 identical subunits

    Properties: white, water soluble, active at ph 5-9
  14. Source/type: various ores (e.g. orpiment); by product of smelting copper; Pi Shuang in traditional chinese medicine

    properties: white solid, 2 mineral forms (arsenolite and claudetite), slowly soluble in water
    Arsenic trioxide
  15. source: metabolite of parasitic fungus Nocardia that infects ethiopian shrub Maytensus ovatus

    Type: ansa macrolide-type antibiotic

    properties: aromatic ring system spanned by alphatic chain/bridge
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