AST 3-1

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  1. cranial nerve affected by trigeminal neuralgia
    V fifth
  2. used to lubricate donor site from dermatone friction
    mineral oil
  3. site first cleaned inprep for split thickness graft
    donor site first
  4. range of intraabdominal pressure in adult patient while using insufflator
    12-15 mm hg
  5. inability to direct both eyes at the same object
  6. correct chronic cerebral ischemia
  7. Rule of nines: what percentage is assigned to front and back trunk
  8. abnormal increase in number of cells
  9. second intention heals by
  10. intraoperative ventricular arrhythmia are treated with
  11. 2 ounces equals ? ml
  12. covering a sterile back table for later use
    not permissible under any circumstance
  13. position to counteract hypovolemia
  14. suture that creates least tissue trauma and drag
    swaged monofilament
  15. organization that oversees safety  in the healthcare workplace
  16. Maslow's hierarchy of needs: what level applicable to surgical patient
    physiological and survival
  17. when removing sterile and gown and gloves
    do not remove gloves first
  18. laparoscopy combo drape need for
    abdominoperineal resection
  19. cell destruction  by steam sterilization occurs by
    coagulation of protein
  20. not acceptable technique for draping
    unfold drapes before bringing to OR table
  21. remove pat fingernail polish because
    allow for use of pulse oximeter
  22. purpose of maintaining air exchange at 15-20 times per hour in OR
    reduce microbial count
  23. ml of water needed to inflate 5 ml balloon on indweling foley cath
    10 ml
  24. to safely trim eyelashes if ordered
    use fine scissors coated with water soluble gel
  25. correct procedure for performing the surgical skin prep
    incision site to periphery using circular motion
  26. lab test that determines ratio of erythrocytes to whole blood
  27. if pack of sponges contains incorrect number pf sponges before pt has entered OR
    hand off sterile and isolate
  28. specimen not placed in a preservative solution
  29. beginning closure counts by OR tech
    start with operative field
  30. catheter tip used in a patient with a uretheral stricture
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