vocab 13

  1. Suprematism
    painting style focusing on elemental geometric abstraction;nonobjective.
  2. Kasimir Malevich
    painter, (1875-1935) founded a painting style of basic shapes made of pure color that he called Suprematism.
  3. "art for art's sake"
    the notion that art does not need to serve a social function.
  4. Constructivism
    design in Russia focusing on the mathematical and structural properties of architecture focused on the utilitarian, mainly in the poster design form.
  5. El Lissitzky
    painter, graphics designer, architect and photographer, studied in Germany. He best realized the Constructivist idea, using mathematical structure as the basis of his work. He largely developed the modern design aesthetic.
  6. Bolshevik
    a radical Socialist; Russians who emerged victorious from their civil war in 1920. The Russian Socialist Party developed into the Communist Party.
  7. Alexander Rodchenko
    He was an ardent communist who brought an inventive spirit and willingness to experiment to sans-serif typography, montage, and photography.
  8. Photomontage
    the process of making composite photograph by cutting and joining photos.
  9. Agitprop
    art used as political propaganda (from agitation + propaganda).
  10. De Stijl
    Dutch design focusing on the purity of square shapes and primary colors. Sought the universal laws of equilibrium and harmony for art, which could then be a prototype for a new social order.
  11. Piet Mondrian
    Painter who popularized De Stijl. He reduced his paintings and designs to the use of primary colors with black horizontal and vertical lines, and flat planes.
  12. Theo van Doesburg
    founder and guiding spirit of the De Stiijl movement.
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