RAD positioning terms

  1. Anteroposterior (AP)
    Front to back
  2. Posteroanterior (PA)
    Back to front
  3. Axial projection
    Longitudinal angulation of 10 degrees or more (at a longitudinal angle)
  4. Tangential projection
    Skims surface of bone
  5. Lateral projection
    Passes transversely along the coronal plane (in from one side of the body, out the other)
  6. Oblique projection
    Projection at an angle between 0 and 90 degrees
  7. true projection
    used to specifically to indicate the body part must be placed in the anatomic positioin
  8. recumbent
    laying down in any position
  9. supine
    laying on back
  10. prone
    laying face down
  11. trendelenburg position (tren-del-en-burg)
    Supine position head tilted down
  12. Fowler position
    supine  with head higher than feet
  13. sims position
    recumbent laying on left side with left leg extended and right knee and thigh  flexed (enema position)
  14. lithotomy position  (li-thought-ta-me)
    supine with knees and hips flexed (gyne position)
  15. Lateral position
    right or left lateral projections
  16. decubitus position (de-cube-bi-tus)
    patient laying down and the central ray is horizontal and parallel with the floor
  17. lordotic position (lor-dod-ik)
    patient leaning back in the upright position so that only the shoulders are in contact with the IR (producing AP axial projection)
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