the age of exploration asia the americans

  1. list some inventions of early asian people
    wheel, sattle, harness, and paper
  2. name six religions that began in asia
    Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Shinto, and Taoism
  3. where did the first Indian vilification develop?
    indus river valley
  4. name and describe two ancient cities located in Indus river valley
    Harappa and Mohenjo
  5. why was the caste system formed?
    to better understand the religion of Hinduism
  6. name some basic hindu beliefs
    that a soul of levery neing in the universe, including the many gods they worship is part of one absolute, impersonal universal spirit
  7. what is the goal of the hinduism?
    to identify so closely with nature that he loses all consciousness of his individual spirit and will, his personal identity and becomes one with his universal spirit
  8. who was the greatest ruler of the Mauryan empire? and what religion did he promote?
    Asoka, Buddhism
  9. which dynasty began a golden age of Indian culture? what religion became prevalent during this dynasty?
    Guptas, Hinduism
  10. what religion did the mogul empire promote?
  11. why is the modern age sometimes called the European age?
    because the modern European civilization has so profoundly influenced the world that the modern age is called this
  12. who may have made the first discovery of america and when?
    Leif Ericson and around a.d 1000
  13. explain the significance of England's defeat of the Spanish armada to american history?
    because england may have ceased to exist an independent country
  14. how did the crusades lead to the Age of exploration?
    revived European intest in trade with the East
  15. In what nation did the age of crusades merge with the age of exploration?
  16. name the firs European to travel the length of asia
    Marco polo
  17. what was Christopher Columbus plan for reaching the far east?
    he believed that Asia could be reached from Europe by sailing westward across the Atlantic ocean
  18. describe the religious motives of chrisopher columbus
    he prayed and went through the daily prayers more than the priest did daily prayers more than the priest did
  19. who agreed to assist columbus?
    king ferdinand and queen Isabella
  20. who actually did become the first European to reach the far east by the sea? and when?
    vasco da gama, 1498
  21. for whom was america named?
  22. what does taoism teach?
    people should avoid worldly affairs and live closer to nature
  23. who built the first united chinese empire?
    shih huang
  24. what dynasty did shih hang established?
    ch'in dynasty
  25. which dynasty marked the height of chinese power and glory?
    han dynasty
  26. what religion became a strong cultural force in china during the han dynasty?
  27. who invented paper?
  28. who developed the first movable type?
    pi sheng
  29. who established the yuan dynasty
    kunliai khan
  30. name two dynasties that fought to hinder European influenced and trade in china between the 1300s and 1800s.
    ming dynasty and ch'ing dynasty
  31. which europen nation established a colony at hong kong?
    great britten
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