AST 2-4

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  1. preop diagnostic test  useful in diabetic pts with small vessel arterial disease
  2. best method of sterilization if steam cannot be used
    ethylene oxide
  3. mandible articulates with which bone
  4. crossing pats arm across chest during supine position
    interferes with respiration
  5. when preparing a paper plastic peel pack autoclave is not used within the pack
  6. 98.6 degrees =
    37 degrees celsius
  7. instruments should be with multiple parts should be taken apart
    for transport to decontamination room
  8. short bone being removed in wrist for arthritis
  9. healing by contraction, granulation, and connective tissue
    delayed closure
  10. instruments should be presoaked in detergent solution prior to
    transport to decontamination room
  11. best solution for presoaking
  12. mesh contraindicated in presence of infection
  13. additional protection to prevent contamination of a sterile package is
    dust cover
  14. stripes on steam chemical indicators turn what color after process complete
  15. kidney transplant: renal vein of donor kidney is connected to:
    external Iliac vein
  16. correct testicular torsion
  17. used to incise tympanic membrane
    myringotomy knife
  18. xeroform
    nonadherent inner layer dressing
  19. what can prevent a cerebral aneurysm form rupturing
    surgeon applies a specially designed clip at the base of the aneurysm
  20. both eyes to be have 2 drops of atropine put in
    OU = both eyes
  21. should a clergy member be called at patient request in pre holding area
    yes before anesthesia is started
  22. cultures not immediately transported to pathology
    should be refrigerated
  23. what is a fomite in terms of transmitting an infection
    inanimate object
  24. bolster os placed on right side of pt for c section because
    relieves pressure on the vena cava
  25. conducting fibers that extend from av node to inter ventricular septum form
    bundle of His
  26. items impenetrable to xray are
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