Ch 9 Words Part 9

  1. nebulizer
    device that converts liquid medication to a mist an delivers it to the lings with the aid of deep inhalation
  2. oximetry
    the process of measuring o2
  3. pulse oximeter
    device that measures o2
  4. pleurocentesis, throacentesis, thoracocentesis
    surgical puncture and aspiration of fluid from the pleural cavity
  5. pneumectomy, pneumonectomy
    surgical removal of a lung
  6. pulmonary angiography
    diagnostic tests performed to determine the cause of lung disease by evaluating lung capacity through spirometry
  7. spirometer
    instrument that you breath into during spirometry
  8. pulmonologist
    physician specializing in the treatment of diseases affecting the lower respiratory tract
  9. resuscitation
    • CPR
    • emergency procedure that is used to restore breathing
  10. rhinoplasty
    surgical repair of the nose
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Ch 9 Words Part 9
Ch 9 Words Part 9