Ch 9 Words Part 8

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  1. chest CT scan
    diagnostic imaging of the chest by computed tomography instrument
  2. chest xray, chest radiograph
    • CXR
    • xray of the thoracic cavity used to diagnosis tuberculosis and tumors
  3. continuous positive airway pressure
    • CPAP
    • device to regulate breathing during sleep
  4. ears, nose, and throat specialist
    • ENT
    • physician specializing in the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases
  5. ENT terms
    • otolaryngologist
    • otonasolaryngologist
    • otorhinolaryngologist
  6. endotracheal intubation
    insertion of a noncollapsible breathing tube into the trachea through the nose or mouth
  7. expectorant
    drug that breaks up mucus and promotes the coughing reflex to expel mucus
  8. incentive spirometry
    postoperative breathing therapy to promote deep breathing to improve lung expansion
  9. laryngectomy
    surgical removal of the larynx
  10. laryngoscopy
    laryngoscope to examine the larynx
  11. laryngotracheotomy
    surgical incision into the larynx and trachea to provide a secondary opening for inspiration and expiration
  12. lobectomy
    surgical removal or one lobe of the lung
  13. mechanical ventilation
    medical treatment ot provide supplemental o2 to patients in respiratory distress
  14. ventilator
    pushes air into the patients airway
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