Ch 9 Words Part 7

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  1. upper respiratory infection
    • URI
    • generalized infection to upper respiratory tract
  2. acid-fast bacilli smear
    • AFB
    • identify a bacteria that reacts to acid
  3. adenoid
    pharyngeal tonsil
  4. adenoidectomy
    surgical removal of a pharyngeal tonsil
  5. antihistamine
    inhibits the effects of histamine
  6. edema
    swelling of tissues with fluid
  7. arterial blood gases
    • ABGs
    • clinical test on arterial blood to identify the levels of o2 and co2
  8. aspiration
    removal of fluid, air, or foreign body with suction
  9. auscultation
    listening to sounds within the body
  10. bronchodialation
    the use of an agent to relax the smooth muscles of the airways to prevent bronchial constriction
  11. bronchography
    procedure of taking a xray image of the bronchi
  12. bronchogram
    xray image of the bronchi
  13. bronchoscopy
    process of viewing the bronchi
  14. bronchoscope
    instrument used for bronchoscopy
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