Ch 9 Words Part 3

  1. hypoxia
    low o2 in the body
  2. laryngospasm
    closure of the glottis due to muscular contraction of the throat
  3. orthopnea
    limited ability to breath when lying down
  4. paroxysm
    sudden onset of sharp pain or convulsion
  5. sputum
    expectorated (coughed up from lungs) matter
  6. tachypnea
    rapid breathing
  7. thoracalgia, thoracodynia
    chest pain
  8. asphyxia
    absence pf respiratory ventilation or suffocation
  9. asthma
    narrowing of the bronchioles and formation of mucus plugs
  10. asthmatic bronchitis
    when asthma is complicated with bronchitis
  11. atelectasis
    • trauma or disease causing the collapse of alveoli, preventing air from entering
    • collapsed lung
  12. bronchiectasis
    chronic, abnormal dilation of the bronchi
  13. bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchi
  14. bronchogenic carcinoma
    aggressive cancer arising from cells within bronchi
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Ch 9 Words Part 3
Ch 9 Words Part 3