Ch 9 Words Part 2

  1. bronchospasm
    narrowing of the airway caused by contraction of the smooth muscles walls of the bronchioles
  2. Cheyne-Stokes respiration
    repeated pattern of distressed breathing marked by gradual increase in deep breathing followed by shallow breathing and apnea
  3. dysphonia
    hoarse voice
  4. dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  5. eupnea
    normal breathing rhythm
  6. epistaxis, rhinorrhagia
  7. hemoptysis
    coughing up blood
  8. hemothorax
    pooling of blood in the pleural cavity
  9. hypercapnia
    excessive CO2 in the blood
  10. hypocapnia
    low CO2 in blood
  11. hyperpnea
    abnormally deep breathing or high rate of breathing
  12. hypopnea
    abnormally shallow breathing
  13. hypoventilation
    reduced breathing rhythm that fails to meet the body’s gas exchange demands
  14. hypoxemia
    low o2 in the blood
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Ch 9 Words Part 2
Ch 9 Words Part 2