N797GA Landing Gear

  1. Gerneral: Describe the landing gear?
    The landing gear is a fully retractable tricycle landing gear. The retraction system uses a hydraulic power supply that is self contained with an electric motor driven pump, reservoir, relief valves, and flow valves. The hydraulic power pack is a 12 volt unit located in the left side of the nose section.
  2. Tire pressure?
    • Nose tire : 40PSI
    • Main tires: 40 PSI
  3. What is the MIL spec of the hydraulic fluid?
  4. Gear position lights?
    There are 3 gear down and locked indicator lights, one for each gear. They are activated by 3 gear down lock piston switches and 3 overcenter down switches. As the landing gear extends DOWN, the 3 gear down lock piston switches and three overcenter down swiches are actuated, the hydraulic pump is shut off and the lights illuminate.
  5. What keeps the gear in the down position?
    By overcenter braces and locked by locking pins engaging the piston of each gear actuator. And gravity.
  6. What happens when the gear selector is in the UP position?
    Hydraulic pressure causes the piston locks to withdraw from the gear actuating cylinders and the gear begins to retract.
  7. What keeps the landing gear in the up position?
    It is held up with hydraulic pressure, no mechanical uplocks are provided.
  8. How many hydraulic systems does the Cougar have?
    • 2 - (1) for the land gear extension and retraction
    • (2) for the main gear brake system
  9. What does the hydraulic power pack for retraction/extension consist of?
    a reservoir,12 volt DC electric motor-driven pump, and pressure and relief valves.
  10. What is the normal operating pressure for the LG system?
    1500 PSI
  11. What is the pressure switch in the LG system?
    The pressure switch senses the pressure buildup as the gears reach the full up position and turns off the power pack. If the up pressure should fall below the pre-determined amount, then the pressure switch will turn on the hydraulic power pack to build the pressure up again.
  12. When will the LG horn go off?
    • 1. anytime the power is brought below 13" of M.P.
    • 2. when wing flaps are set to 15 degrees or more
    • 3. and anytime the gear is not down and locked
  13. Where is the safety squat switch located?
    On the left main landing gear
  14. What does the squat switch do?
    It prevents the hydraulic pump from being activated when the landing gear selector is in the UP position while the aircraft is sitting on the ground.
  15. How does the landing gear emergency extension system work?
    Is accomplished by bypassing hydraulic fluid from the up side of the gear actuators, directly to the power pack reservoir. This releases the up pressure on the actuators allowing the gears to free fall. Down springs aid in placing the gears in the full down position. Piston locks mechanically engage to lock the gear down.
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