Personality 2

  1. Summarize the person-situation controversy, and explain its importance as a commentary on the trait perspective.
    • Traits may be
    • enduring but the resulting behavior in different situations is different. Thus
    • traits are not good predictors of individual
    • instances of behaviors in particular situations.

    • But average behavior
    • over many situations is more stable and predictable, thus traits matter.
  2. ____(1986, 2001, 2005) believes that personality is the result of an interaction that
    takes place between a person and his social context.
  3. The three factors, _____ ______and
    _____ are interlocking determinants of each other. Thus, people and their environments interact.
    behavior, cognition environment
  4. Attributional Style
    • Our interpretation of events can influence our
    • personality

    Internal v. External locus of control

    Personal control v. Learned helplessness

    Optimism v. Pessimism
  5. Spotlight effect
    • we may presume too readily that others are noticing and evaluating us, when fewer
    • people notice than we presume

    really criticle in the impact of social anziaty
  6. Self-serving bias
    • People attribute their successes to stable personal
    • traits.
    • “I performed well because I am smart/talented, etc.”
    • People attribute their failures to external causes.
    • “I performed poorly because it was an unfair test/referee, etc.”
    • Most people see themselves as better than average.
    • this is a good healthy bias to help perform well, helps maintain a good self esteem
  7. these biases can help maintain a healthy self-esteem, but all things in moderation e.g. "___ ____" may lead to aggression when unrealistically high self esttem meats social rejection
    threatened egoism
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