1. who says "now is the winter of our discontent"?
    Richard III
  2. A significant character is murdered by two executioners toward the end of act 1. his final lines follow-who is he?"not to relent is beastly, savage..."who says these lines?
  3. how does the dutchess of York feel about her son Richard?
    She regrets having had him because she knows he killed his two brothers.
  4. in what order do the sons of the dutchess of York die?
    • 1. George(duke of Clarence)
    • 2. Edward Iv
    • 3. Richard III
  5. Where are prince Edward and his brother (young Richard) to spend the night before Edward's coronation? Why?
    They are locked up in the tower of London because they are eventually going to be killed
  6. In act 3 allegiances of lord hastings are made clear. Does he ultimately support Edward or Richard?
    He supports Edward and is killed because of this choice.
  7. Why does Richard pretend to take the crown in the final scene in act 3?
    to make it seem to the public that he did not plan this and that he is a good guy. which is why he prayed in a church to mull it over
  8. What causes the break between Richard and Buckingham?
    Buckingham won't kill the princes
  9. Why was lady anne killed?
    Richard needed a bloodline to the crown to solidify his rule so he wanted to marry young elizabeth
  10. What was the trick played on christoper sly?
    they dressed him in kings clothing and pretended he was suffering from years of madness
  11. According to baptista, what must happen before Bianca can marry?
    kate has to marry first
  12. hotensio disguises himself as lito in order to woo Bianca, and lucentio disguises himself as cambio. What are the professions of lito and cambio?
    • cambio teaches latin
    • litio teaches music
  13. How does baptista decide who can marry Bianca?
    Whoever has the most money can marry her.
  14. How are vicentio and lucentio related?
    Vicentio is lucentio"s father
  15. What character is late to the wedding of petruchio and Katherine.
  16. What are the two things petruchio keeps from kate to tame her?
    eating and sleep
  17. Who wins the bet between petruchio,lucentio,and hotensio?
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