1. wall sb./sth. off (idiom)
    • to separate or segregate someone or something by building a wall.
    • She sat right across from me at her desk, listening to every phone call I made. Finally, the manager (...) so we now can carry on our business in privacy.
  2. rave (v.) /reɪv/
    to talk wildly, as in delirium.
  3. peaky (adj.) /'piːkɪ/
    wan, emaciated, or sickly
  4. craggy (adj.) /'kræɡɪ/
    (of the face) rugged; rocklike
  5. sliver (n.)
  6. frisson (n.)
  7. egregious (adj.)
  8. interment (n.)
  9. tipsy (adj.)
  10. teetotal (adj.), teetotaller (n.)
  11. sacrosanct (adj.) /'sækrəʊˌsæŋkt/
    • above or beyond criticism, change, or interference:
    • A manuscript deemed (...).
  12. unbridled (adj.) /ʌn'braɪdld/
    • not controlled or restrained:
    • (...) enthusiasm.
  13. dither (v.) /'dɪðə/
    1. (chiefly Brit.) to be uncertain or indecisive.
  14. snare (n.) /snɛə/
    1. A device for trapping birds or small animals, esp a flexible loop that is drawn tight around the prey.

    2. Anything that traps or entangles someone or something unawares.
  15. subterfuge (n.) /'sʌbtəfjuːdʒ/
    a stratagem employed to conceal something, evade an argument, etc
  16. trumped-up (adj.) /'trʌmpt'ʌp/
    • spuriously devised; fraudulent; fabricated:
    • He was arrested on some (...) charge.
  17. brunt (n.) /brʌnt/
    • the main force or impact, as of an attack or blow:
    • His arm took the (...) of the blow.
  18. inexorable (adj.)
  19. fecund (adj.)
  20. posterity (n.)
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