Q4 Vocab 1-9

  1. Animus
    a basic attitude or governing spirit, disposition; an unusually prejudiced and spiteful ill will
  2. arraign
    to call a defendant before a court to answer to a charge; to accuse of wrongdoing
  3. atavistic
    (of organisms) having a characteristic or trait typical of an ancestral form; reverting to a past style, manner, outlook, or approach
  4. careen
    to sway from side to side, lurch; to cause a boat to lean over on one side
  5. cretin
    a physically stunted and mentally retarded person; an extremely stupid, vulgar, or insensitive person, a philistine
  6. doldrums
    listlessness or despondency; a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or slump
  7. double entendre
    a word or expression that is capable of several interpretations, one of which may be off-color; any ambiguity of language
  8. extradite
    to surrender (an alleged criminal) to the authority having jurisdiction to try the case (usually another state or foreign country) pursuant to the terms of an international treaty or state statute
  9. filibuster
    to use delaying tactics, like endless speechifying, to retard or prevent a legislature from acting; to engage in revolutionary activities in a foreign country
  10. foppish
    behaving or dressing like a vain and silly person, foolish, silly
  11. gesticulate
    to make expressive movements of one’s arms or hands, especially when speaking
  12. imprimatur
    a license to print or publish, especially from a Roman Catholic episcopal authority; approval of a publication from an official censor; any type of sanction or approval; a mark of distinction or honor
  13. interactive
    involving the user’s participation; designed to involve the user in some role in order to complete or perform
  14. kinetic
    relating to the motion of material things and the forces or energy produced by them; active, lively; dynamic, energized; (of art) having mechanical parts that can be set in motion
  15. leach
    to dissolve one substance out of another as the result of the seepage of a liquid through it; to subject to such an action; to remove by or as if by seepage
  16. linchpin
    a peg inserted crosswise to lock or hold together a device; anything that serves to hold together all the elements of some complex design
  17. mayhem
    the willful deprivation of a bodily limb; any willful crippling of the body; any willful damage or violence
  18. niggling
    bothersome and persistent in a tiresome or petty way, petty
  19. physiognomy
    the facial features as understood to reveal character or inner qualities; the art of discerning these from a person’s outward features; any external appearance
  20. postulate
    to assume or claim to be true, necessary, or real, hypothesize; to depend upon or start from such a claim or assumption; to demand, claim, require
  21. protean
    having the ability to assume different shapes or forms, varying, changeable; displaying great diversity or variety, versatile
  22. puissant
    powerful, mighty
  23. purvey
    to supply, usually as a matter of business; to beddle
  24. scintilla
    a spark or flash; a minute amount, a trace, an iota, a jot
  25. untrammeled
    unconfined, unhampered, unrestrained
  26. visceral
    felt or as if felt by the internal organs, deep; instinctive rather than intellectual, unreasoning; characterized by crude or elemental emotions, earthy
  27. wrest
    to pull or force away by a violent twisting action; to gain with difficulty by or as if by force, violence, or labor
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