1. there is not ____ among psychiatrists and psychologists on the causes of many ____
    agreement, disorders
  2. one of the main uses for the DSM classification is that it provides a basis for ____ companies to decide whether to reimburse the cost of treatment for a condition
  3. the DSM has no ____ basis
  4. some disorders reflect more than ___ cause
    one, a disorder may have more than one contributing factor
  5. the significant thing about PTSD is that from an evolutionary perspective, it is primarily a disease of ___ life
  6. We see that PTSD may be looked at as a susceptivity to stress that overwhelms our normal ____ against threats
  7. the distinction between clinical depression and normal sadness is based on the ___ and ___ of the symptoms
    length and severity
  8. depression is thought to keep us from ____ energy on activities that are ____ to contribute to our fitness
    spending, unlikely
  9. depression is most common in winter where food is scarce, perhaps it is an adaptation to keep us from ____ when it is _____ expensive
    moving, metabolically
  10. post partum depression may be a strategy to _____ greater investment from father to kin
  11. most suicides probably occur in people who have to ___ of a depression threshold, and thus find themselves depressed much of the time
  12. lack of success in young males was a strong predictor of ___ , whereas loneliness, poor health, and financial problems were important for older males
  13. although suicide may have evolved as a means of furthering the success of our genes, it doesn't mean that it operates ___ in all cases
  14. The things that we develop phobias about tend to be the things that were ____ dangers in the EEA
  15. an emotional response to a dangerous situation
  16. a vague feeling of threat or fear
  17. as far as anxiety goes, there are many stressors in our society that were were not ___ to deal with
  18. sociopathy has a large genetic component. it tends to run in ____and adopted children of criminals have a higher than normal likelihood of becoming sociopaths
  19. sociopathy may be the result of ____-____ selection, because they depends on altruists to be able to cheat on
  20. it has been suggested that autistic people lack the ability to ___ others minds
  21. individuals in the creative arts had more _____ than those in other professions. creative professions tend have between two to three times more ____ problems, drug use, ____, mania, and suicide
    psychopathology, alcohol, depression,
  22. If in the EEA, creativity provided sufficient fitness benefits, it may have been ___ despite that it also inflicted some ___ in terms of impaired performance during depressive phases.
    favored, costs
  23. schizophrenia occurs at about the ___ rate in all societies
  24. because schizophrenia hinders reproductive success, a gene for schizo cannot be conveying a reproductive _____
  25. one possibility for schizo is that a gene could convey some advantage on individuals who ____ it but do not have it
  26. schizo could be ____, but because of interactions with other genes it doesn't fully express itself. this is called ___ ____
    dominant, incomplete dominance
  27. current evidence suggest that schizo is a result of more than one ___
  28. autism develops in ____ whereas schizo develops in early _____
    infancy, early adulthood
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