Chemo Drugs

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  1. What are the classes of cytotoxic drugs?
    • Alkylating agents
    • Antimetabolites 
    • Anti-tumor antibiotics
    • Hormonal agents
    • Plant alkaloids
    • Nitrosoureas
  2. Which chemo drug is known to cause hearing loss?
  3. Cytotoxic drugs can be divided into two categories, what are they?
    Phase specific: most effective during certain stages of cell division 

    Non-Phase specific: effective at any stage
  4. Which chemo drug is known to be cardiotoxic, especially when taken with radiation therapy?
    Adriamycin  (doxorubicin)
  5. The CHOP chemo regimen is often used to treat:
  6. _____________ are not phase specific and their mechanism of action is to bond with nucleic acids, thereby interfering with their actions.
    Alkylating agents
  7. Nitrogen Mustard, Cyclophosphamide and Chlorambucil are examples of:
    Alkylating agents
  8. __________ act by interfering with the synthesis of nucleic acids and are cell cycle specific, being most toxic to proliferating cells. Trojan horse of chemo
  9. Methotrexate, 5 Fluorouracil (5-FU) and Cytarabine are examples of:
  10. ___________,derived from microbial fermentation, act on the DNA to disrupt DNA and RNA transcription. Not cell cycle specific, but effects are more pronounced in the S or G2 phase.
    Antitumor Antibiotics
  11. Adriamycin(doxorubicin), Bleomycin Mitomycin C and Actinomycin D are examples of:
    Antitumor Antibiotics
  12. Tamoxifen, Flutamide, and Megestrol Acetate are examples of:
    Hormonal Agents
  13. _________ are not cell cycle specific, but they are lipid soluble (able to cross the BBB) and act similar to alkylating agents in that they interfere with DNA synthesis.
  14. Carmustine (BCNU), Lomustine (CCNU) and streptozocin are examples of:
  15. Derived from the periwinkle plant, __________ stop cell replication in metaphase by binding to a substance that is needed for mitosis and solute transport.
    Plant Alkaloids
  16. Vincristine, Vinblastine, Taxol and Etoposide (VP-16) are examples of:
    Plant Alkaloids
  17. Which chemo drug is known to increase damage to the lungs when used with radiation therapy?
  18. The MOPP chemo regimen is used in the treatment of:
    Hodgkin's disease

    (MOPP being phased out in favor of ABVD)
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