Nutrition Unit 5

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  1. How does olestra work
    it contains a fat-like substance that the body's enzymes can't break down and therefore cannot be absorbed
  2. bile is known to assist in the absorption of
    fat only
  3. what part of the GI tract is the predominant site of dietary fat hydrolysis
    small intestine
  4. in which form are most dietary lipids found
  5. how many hydrogen atoms are attached to each carbon adjacent to a double bond
  6. which describes a recognized relationship between dietary fat and cancer
    fat from milk does not increase risk for cancer
  7. lipids that are solid at room temperature are known as
  8. which is a feature of nut consumption and improved cardiovascular health
    the benefit may be related, in part, to the high content of monosaturated fats and low content of saturated fats.
  9. an important function of fat in the body is to
    protect vital organs against shock
  10. which is a feature of essential fatty acid deficiency
    it is very rare
  11. spherical complexes of emulsified fats are known as
  12. which cholesterol result is consistent with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease
    low HDL and high LDL
  13. why does oatmeal decrease cholesterol by 5 points
    oatmeal is high in soluble fibers that trap bile, causing the body to use more cholesterol for bile replacement
  14. which characteristic is shared by olive oil and canola oil
    both contain high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids.
  15. which is  a drawback of olestra consumption
    it inhibits absorption of vitamin E
  16. which if a feature of fat in the diet of athletes
    a minimum of 20% fat energy in the diet is needed
  17. what is the function of lipoprotein lipase
    hydrolyzes blood triglycerides for uptake into cells
  18. Lipids differ in their degree of saturation or unsaturation due to their number of
    double bonds
  19. a person wishing to increase consumption of polyunsaturated fats should choose
    vegetable oils
  20. which lipoprotein contains the highest percentage of cholesterol
    low-density lipoprotein
  21. which contains the least cholesterol per serving
    steamed corn
  22. which is a characteristic of the blood cholesterol level
    it can be lowered more effectively by reducing dietary intake of saturated fat than of cholesterol
  23. which of the following is a feature of olestra in foods
    it causes no net loss of fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive tract
  24. surveys show that u.s. adults average intake of fat as a percentage of total energy intake is
  25. which is a feature of adipose cell lipoprotein lipase
    the enzyme works to promote uptake of circulating triglycerides into storage triglycerides
  26. oil that is partially hydrogenated sometimes changes one or more of its double bond configurations from
    cis to trans
  27. which source of lipids should be substituted for saturated fats to help lower blood cholesterol levels
    canola oil
  28. a characteristic of farm-raised fish is that they are
    lower in omega-3 fats
  29. which provides abundant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids
    flaxseed oil
  30. which of the following is a feature of polyunsaturated fats
    low melting point
  31. which cannot be found in plants
  32. which is a characteristic of eggs in nutrition
    consumption of one egg per day by most people is  not considered detrimental
  33. what tissue contains special receptors for removing low-density lipoproteins from the circulation
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