Chapter 28

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  1. Arterial Bleeding
    Spurting blood, pulsating flow, bright red color
  2. Venous Bleeding
    Steady, slow flow, dark red color
  3. Capillary Bleeding
    Slow, even flow; oozing
  4. Epistaxis or Nosebleed
    Bleeding from the nose which may result from injury, disease, or the environment
  5. Pneumatic Antishock Garment (PASG)
    Controversial device that is primarily used to control blood loss
  6. Contusion
    Bruise; is an injury to the tissue and blood vessels contained within the dermis
  7. Hematomas
    • Similar to contusion, except it usually involves damage to a larger blood vessel and a larger amount of tissue
    • Characterized by a large lump with bluish discoloration caused by blood collecting beneath the skin
  8. Crush Injury
    One in which force great enough to cause injury has been applied to the body
  9. Abrasion
    Generally is caused by scraping, rubbing, or shearing away of the epidermis
  10. Laceration
    A break in the skin of varying depth; may be linear (regular) or stellate (irregular)

    • Linear lacerations are usually caused by a knife, razor, or broken glass
    • Stellate lacerations are commonly caused by¬†a blunt object
  11. Avulsions
    A loose flap of skin and underlying soft tissue that has ben torn loose or pulled completely off
  12. Amputations
    Involves a disruptions in the continuity of an extremity or other body part
  13. Penetrations/Punctures
    Generally is the result of a sharp, pointed object being pushed or driven into the soft tissues
  14. Clamping Injury
    A body part that is caught or strangled by some piece of machinery
  15. Occlusive Dressing
    One that can form an airtight seal
  16. Evisceration
    Internal abdominal organs protrude through the wound
  17. Impaled Objects
    Object still embedded in a wound
  18. Air Embolism
    Air bubble
  19. Dressing
    Covers an open wound to aid in the control of bleeding and to prevent further damage or contamination
  20. Sterile
    Free of any organisms that may cause infection
  21. Bandage
    Once a dressing is applied a bandage is used to secure a dressing in place
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