Nutrition Unit 3

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  1. untreated gastroesophageal reflux increases the risk for the more serious condition known as
    barrett's esophagus
  2. after someone chews and swallows a portion of food, what becomes of the salivary amylase in the stomach
    is it inactivated by gastric juice
  3. what is the lumen of the GI tract
    the inner space
  4. what is intestinal ischemia
    reduced blood flow to the intestines
  5. which of the following is a feature of the lymphatic system
    it carries fats away from the intestines
  6. a person on a low fiber diet is at increased risk for experiencing elevated rectal vein pressure leading to formation of
  7. which of the following is a feature of the taste buds
    they react only with particles in solution
  8. exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste material takes place across the walls of small vessels called
  9. during the process of digestion, at what point does the stomach begin to release chyme
    when the chyme is liquefied
  10. which of the following is a feature of the muscular actions of digestion
    segmentation in the intestines allows periodic squeezing along its length, resulting in momentary reversal of the movement of intestinal contents
  11. an example of an important function of the colon would be its absorption of
  12. which part of the GI tract contains highly acidic digestive juices
  13. when alcohol and barbiturates are ingested, they are absorbed from the GI tract and transported first to the
  14. Which of the following is NOT an important issue in the treatment or management of existing ulcers
    gastric acid release should be suppressed
  15. into what region of the intestinal tract does the stomach empty
  16. over the counter antacids are best used to treat
    occasional acid indigestion
  17. after the pancreatic juices have mixed with chyme in the small intestine, which of the following describes the pH of the resulting mixture
    approximately neutral
  18. Why is there little to no digestion of starch in the stomach
    salivary enzymes do not work in an acid environment.
  19. which of the following is NOT among the functions of cholescystokinin?
    triggering release of gastrin
  20. what are the primary target organs for the action of cholecystokinin
    gallbladder and pancreas
  21. a peptic ulcer resides in the
    stomach or duodenum only
  22. which of the following is a description of chyme
    a semiliquid mass of partially digested food released by the stomach into the small intestine.
  23. which of the following substances functions to control the release of hydrochloric acid to prevent excessive acidity
  24. which of the following is NOT a component of pancreatic juice
  25. Jim went for his annual check-up and was diagnosed with heartburn. which of the following actions is most likely causing jim's condition
    defective lower esophageal sphincter activity
  26. which of the following is a feature of peristalsis
    it consists of wavelike muscular contractions resulting from alternate tightening and relaxing of circular muscles and longitudinal muscles.
  27. jenny has just undergone a cholecystectomy. after recover, jenny will no longer
    have an extra reservoir for bile
  28. microorganisms in food that are viable when consumed and that are beneficial to health are known as
  29. which is a characteristic of pancreatic digestive enzyme function
    the pancreas can increase the activity of fat-degrading enzymes in response to more fat in the diet.
  30. which is NOT considered one of the basic taste sensations
  31. A person with chronic GI bleeding is at risk for deficiency of
  32. surface area is also an integral part of the absorption of nutrients
    through the presence of the enormous number of villi and microvilli
  33. which of the following is a feature of IBS
    effective treatment includes peppermint oil
  34. the process by which food is broken down into absorbable components is called
  35. what is an important function of mucus
    protects the stomach walls from digestion
  36. a bolus is conducted past the diaphragm through the
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