Nutrition Unit 2

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  1. According to the FDA, a food label that reads "improves memory" is an example of a
    structure-function claim
  2. On a food label, the "% Daily Value" table compares key nutrients per serving for a person consuming how many kcalories
  3. Which of the following ingredients on a food label is most likely a source of trans fats
    partially hydrogenated oils
  4. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of the USDA food patterns
    the nutrients of greatest concern include iron, chromium, and vitamin B12
  5. The most highly fortified foods on the market are
    breakfast cereals
  6. Which of the following is a major criticism of teh use of the MyPlate educational tool
    it treats all foods within a single group the same.
  7. Which of the following is NOT among the features of a food group plan
    sorts foods of similar water content
  8. Textured vegetable protein is usually made from
  9. Which of the following is a feature of the Daily Values found on food labels
    They assist people in determining whether a food contains a little or a lot of a nutrient.
  10. Which of the following nutrients would be supplied in much greater amounts from whole-grain bread versus enriched bread
  11. Which of the following is a feature of vitamin B12 nutrition in vegetarians
    The vitamin B12 in fermented soy products may be present in an inactive form.
  12. Which of the following is NOT a legume
  13. Which of the following is a feature of iron nutrition in vegetarians
    vegetarians absorb iron more efficiently
  14. What mineral is added to refined flours in the enrichment process
  15. Meat replacements consumed by vegetarians are usually made of
    soy protein
  16. Which of the following is a feature of U.S. laws governing information on food labels
    Nutrition labeling is NOT required on foods produced by small businesses or products produced and sold in the same establishment.
  17. all of the following are documented benefits for people following a vegetarian diet EXCEPT
    lower rates of anemia
  18. which of the following is a feature of people regularly eating meals based on tofu
    they have lower blood pressure levels than those eating meat
  19. Which of the following food groups is actually consumed in amounts greater than recommended by the USDA
    protein foods
  20. an empty-kcalorie food is one that contains
    energy and little or no protein, vitamins, or minerals.
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