1. What option does not describe the binding-in process?
    Transference of parental responsibilities to father
  2. What is not included in the role of health care provider during the early stages of infancy?
    Excluding the father or father figure from attention and nurturing care
  3. Best advice to give parents of a new baby boy regarding circumcision?
    You need to make the best decision for you and your child
  4. What is included in the role of HCP regarding immunizations for infants?
    Helping parents get immunizations for the infant
  5. Effect of daycare on a toddlers attachment pattern?
    Attachment patterns do not differ in home vs. daycare
  6. Which approach is the most helpful when working with a hospitalized toddler who is in a state of despair due to separation from the parents?
    Encourage the parent to stay with the child at night
  7. True statement about childhood abduction
    Childhood abduction is maltreatment
  8. Which type of play is typical of the toddler
    pretend symbolic
  9. normal developmental characteristic that makes toddler prone to accident
  10. which statement is true regarding a child's adaptive behavior
    it is strengthened when he/she is taught to do something for self
  11. True statement regarding use of discipline in toddlers
    Through guidance and the parents reaction the child learns right from wrong
  12. which is a developmental task for a toddler
    developing a sense of self control
  13. what is helpful to teach parents regarding process of maturation of the toddler
    power struggles are normal
  14. what would be the best counsel to give parents who are asking how to get their toddler to go to bed
    recommend a bedtime ritual
  15. what is a true statement regarding px of accidents with the toddler
    safety latch on doors
  16. toddler to preschool developmental stage the child
    may direct love feeling mainly toward parent of opposite gender
  17. a major preschool task, identification occurs
    the child watches and listens to parents and does what they do
  18. the child in a stepparent family needs
    an ongoing involvement with the divorced parent who's not at home
  19. Head Start makes up for conditions in child's life including
    social skills and behavior
  20. This period of the school child is marked by a new capacity to be loving and when the satisfaction and security of another person of the same sex (a chum) is as important to the child as personal satisfaction and security
  21. what is true about effects of maltx upon health and development of the child
    involves physical, verbal and emotional dimensions
  22. which is true about bullying behavior in school age children
    the highly aggressive children who bully typically have a hx of extensive watching of violent media
  23. how do latch key children perceive this situation
    each child perceives the situation differently
  24. what characteristics are typical of effective parents of adolescent children
    they are communicative and flexible yet supportive
  25. the most important overall development task during the adolescence is
    allow increased freedom and responsibility to prepare for young adulthood
  26. which statement best describes the role of the health care provider in assisting family members to adapt and meet their developmental task
    the HCP should demonstrate empathetic listening, acceptance, practical hints for better self care
  27. "engrossment" refers to
    initial paternal response to the baby
  28. what is the correct response to parents who are inquiring about how not to spoil third child
    teach parents that they do not spoil their child by promptly answering the distress signal
  29. critical issue when teaching child to use toilet
    establish independence and autonomy
  30. which statement is true regarding attachment behavior and the toddler
    attachment behavior is very evident during the toddler years
  31. normal preschooler behavior related to older siblings
    positive feeling exist between them
  32. the preschool child needs at least ___min of active excercise a day
  33. stage of grief containing rapid respirations, agitation, nausea, and diarrhea is
    high anxiety
  34. nurse caring for a child who's been in a motor vehicle collision. there are serious physical disabilities. father is upset. nurse best response.
    many parents find the initial news to be overwhelming
  35. you're providing nursing care to a 12 yo. The mother tells you that her 10 yo is asking ? about her sister and the mother says she feels its best not to talk to the 10 yo about the sick sister. what should the RN's response be?
    both kids need info about the illness and hospitilization
  36. a 4 yo with leukemia is receiving palliative care. the 6 yo sibling has not yet been to the hospital to visit. the nurse should tell the parents
    siblings need preparation about the sisters appearance but needs to visit
  37. pt with cystic fibrosis. night nurse notes difficulty breathing. the dad cant come in bc he is caring for another sick child. in the am when the dad comes in, the RN should say
    please sit down, i need to update you on your child
  38. during which period has the child having achieved a certain degree of autonomy and independence strives to develop a sense if industry and peer relationships are extremely important
    school age
  39. which period does the child achieve autonomy and independence and strive to develop a sense of industry and peer relation
    school age
  40. pediatric nurse recognizes that the child who requires a ventilator as part of ongoing care can be classified as
    medically fragile
  41. pediatric nurse muse ____ the childs feelings
  42. T/F: The pediatric nurse explains to the family that palliative care is alleviating pain and maintaining the childs quality of life
  43. An ex of a congenital defect
    muscular dustrophy
  44. during the end of shift report, the pediatric nurse reinforces to the oncoming nurse that the most important strategy to px infection is
  45. T/F: use reflective journaling to encourage self care and grief processing
  46. what are true statements of cystic fibrosis
    • *cystic fibrosis causes production of thick mucous that blocks exocrine glands and effects several body systems
    • *increased mucous in airways causes obstruction and stasis of fluid, providing rich habitat for bacteria
    • *in later childhood, reproductive system is affected as ovarian ducts and vas deferens may be occluded leading to infertility
    • *pancreatic ducts are often blocked by mucous, prohibiting secretions of pancreatic enzymes needed for metabolism of food nutrients
  47. cancer in the femur is
  48. inherited autosomal recessive disorder causes production of thick mucous and blocks exocrine glands
    cystic fibrosis
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