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  1. Eczema presentation
    • redness, scaliness, itching
    • papules vesicles
    • weeping, oozing and crusting of lesions
    • commonly occur in anticubital and popliteal areas
  2. Impetigo presentation
    • contagious
    • occurs mostly during hot and humid month
    • common sites of infertion: face, around mouth, hands, neck and extremities
    • pustules that leave honey crusted lesions on skin
  3. Lice presentation
    most common sites: occipital area, behind ears, at nap of neck, occasionally eyebrows, and eyelashes
  4. Scabies presentation
    • pruritic papular rash
    • burrows on the skin, fine grayish red lines that may be difficult to see
    • apply permethrin throughout all skin, not just area of rash, leave for 8-14 hours
  5. Stages of psychosocial reaction in children facing an illness
    • birth to 2 - no idea of what's going on
    • preschool - start to conceptualize death as a process involving physical harm
    • SA - begins to understand that smtg is wrong
    • Ado - fear, withdrawal and denial
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