Latin 07

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  1. amor, amoris
    [m] love
  2. carmen, carminis
    [n] song, poem
  3. civitas, civitatis
    [f] state, citizenship
  4. corpus, corporis
    [n] body
  5. homo, hominis
    [m] human being, man
  6. labor, laboris
    [m] labor, work, toil; a work, production
  7. littera, -ae
    [f] letter of the alphabet
  8. litterae, -arum
    [f] a letter (epistle)
  9. mos, moris
    [m] habit, custom, manner
  10. mores, morum
    [m] habits, morals, character
  11. nomen, nominis
    [n] name
  12. pax, pacis
    [f] peace
  13. regina, -ae
    [f] queen
  14. rex, regis
    [m] king
  15. tempus, temporis
    [n] time, occasion, opportunity
  16. terra, -ae
    [f] earth, ground, land, country
  17. uxor, uxoris
    [f] wife
  18. virgo, virginis
    [f] maiden, virgin
  19. virtus, virtutis
    [f] manliness, courage, excellence, character, worth, virtue
  20. novus, -a, -um
    new, strange
  21. post + acc
    after, behind
  22. sub + abl (verbs of rest) + acc (verbs of motion)
    under, up under, close to
  23. audeo, audere, ausus sum
    to dare
  24. neco(1)
    to murder, kill
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