Latin 06

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  1. dea, -ae (dat and abl p deabus)
    [f] goddess
  2. deus, -i (voc s deus, nom p di, dat and abl p dis)
    [m] god
  3. discipula, -ae
    [f] learner, student, pupil
  4. discipulus, -i
    [m] learner, student, pupil
  5. insidiae, -arum
    [f] ambush, plot, treachery
  6. liber, libri
    [m] book
  7. tyrannus, -i
    [m] absolute ruler, tyrant
  8. vitium, -ii
    [n] fault, crime, vice
  9. Graecus, -a, -um
  10. perpetuus, -a, -um
    perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
  11. plenus, -a, -um
    full, abundant, generous
  12. salvus, -a, -um
    safe, sound
  13. secundus, -a, -um
    second, favorable
  14. vester, vestra, vestrum
    your, yours (pl)
  15. -que
    and (suffix)
  16. ubi
    where, when
  17. ibi
  18. nunc
    now, at present
  19. quare
    therefore, wherefore, why
  20. possum, posse, potui
    to be able, can, could, have power
  21. tolero(1)
    to bear, endure
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