ITOS Windows Server 2003 Chapter 7

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  1. A standard attribute used to determine the backup status of a file or folder.
    Archive Folder
  2. An advanced attribute of the NTFS file system used to reduce the amount of space that files and folder occupy on a partition of volume.
  3. The storage location for the file encryption key (FEK) is an EFS-Encrypted File.
    Data Decryption Field (DDF)
  4. A user account capable of gaining access to EFS-Encrypted files encrypted by other users. In a domain environment, the domain Administrator account is the default data recovery agent.
    Data Recovery Agent
  5. The storage location for the file encryption key (FEK) encrypted by the data recovery agent.
    Data Recovery Field (DRF)
  6. A windows server 2003  feature that is used as a means of monitoring and controlling the amount of disk space available to users.
    Distributed File System (DFS)
  7. A DFS model that uses Active Directory and is available only to servers and workstations that are members of a particular domain. It enables a deep root-based hierarchical arrangement of shared folders that is published in ACtive Directory. DFS shared folders in it can be replicated for fault tolerance and load balancing.
    Domain-Based DFS Model
  8. An advanced attribute of NTFS that enables a user to encrypt the contents of f folder or file so that it can only be accessed via private key code by the user who encrypted it or a data recovery  agent by default.
    Encrypting File System (EFS)
  9. The session key used to encrypt the contents of a file when EFS encryption is used.
    File Encryption Key (FEK)
  10. A standard attribute that controls the visibility of files and folders.
    Hidden ATtribute
  11. A standard attribute, that when configured, does not allow contents of a file or folder to be changed.
    Read-only Attribute
  12. A DFS model in which there is no Active Directory implementation to help manage shared folders. This model provides only a single or flat level share.
    Standalone DFS model
  13. A standard attribute typically associated with critical operation system files.
    System Attribute
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