PTA 204 Ankle Exam Like Questions

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  1. What CKC mobilization increases PF
    posterior tib/fib
  2. what CKC mob increases df
    anterior tib/fib
  3. Is DF or PF more commonly limited?
  4. Talocrural joint loose pack
    • 10 PF
    • slight inversion
  5. If traction at ankle is felt in LB or knee what would you do to isolate it more to the ankle?
    More DF
  6. If engaging this peroneus properly in CKC the foot will move into supination
    peroneus longus
  7. A patient presents with a heel whip, what is occurring at the toe(s) to force this type of gait
    • Lack of toe DF
    • If big toe is below 40-60 degrees it doesn't allow normal gait mechanics
  8. What is the safest position to put the talocrural joint in to perform traction
    • loose pack
    • PF 10 and slight inversion
  9. Patient dx of posterior tib tendonitis but has 4+ MMT of post tib. What other weakness(es) has contributed to the dx
    • weak peroneous longus and ?soleus?
    • post tib doing too much of the work resulting in its tendinitis
  10. what nerve is compressed with anterior tarsal tunnel
    deep peroneal
  11. What nerve is compressed with TTS
  12. Patient chart notes significant forefoot and rearfoot valgus. What foot position could the patient WB to accommodate this structural condition
  13. Patient has a positive vibration test, what morbidity should you expect
    stress fracture
  14. Patient has positive Homan's test, what does this indicate
    possible DVT
  15. Patient has positive thompson's test. How does the patient present
    Gait is lacking push off due to achilles tendon rupture
  16. difference between a bunion and hallux valgus
    bunion involves having excessive bone formation
  17. which has more poor shock absorbtion pes planus or cavus
    • cavus
    • a high arch is more rigid
  18. what positions are the tarsals/phalanges in for claw toe
    DIP and PIP in flexion
  19. what positions are the tarsals/phalanges in for hammer toe
    • DIP extension
    • PIP flexion
  20. What positions do you put a acute s/p achilles tendon repair
    • keep in -5DF
    • slight knee flexion
  21. pt c/o of weakness, shooting pain, tingling on bottom foot and medial side. What is mostly likely there dx
  22. pt stands with navicular noticeably below 1st MT head and tip of malleoli. What is the name of the line it fell under and what does it indicate
    • feiss line
    • pronation
  23. what type of wrap pattern is best for ankle swelling
    figure 8
  24. pt supine with foot planted shows increase posterior tibial translation on the talus. What does it indicate and the test name?
    • ATF tear/laxity 
    • anterior draw test
  25. PT's EDL losses its insertion attachment, what would you see at the foot?
    • Mallet toe
    • the EDL attachment is no longer there to extend the DIP
  26. pt c/o snapping sound secondary to attempting to charge after a basket ball after coming down from a jump. What just occurred and what test might you apply
    • Achilles tendon rupture
    • You could perform Thompson's test to see if achilles is still attached
  27. pt c/o of pain at proximal tibia with passive DF and eversion. What condition might they have?
    • posterior shin splints
    • it's not post tib tendinitis due to the location of pain being proximal tibia
  28. pt c/o pain "at heel in the morning gets better after activity" what can patient do to help avoid morning pain and why
    • an action to warm up and increase extensibility of the plantar fascia before walking/WB
    • ie. ankle pumps
  29. which is a absolute contra for TAA
    A. Majority of talus affected by avasc necrosis
    B. Obesity
    C. >20 degree hindfoot varus or valgus
    D. <20 degree DF/PF arc
    • Majority of talus affected by avascular necrosis is an absolute contra, when there is notsignificant amount it is an indication for TAA
    • B,C,and D are relative contras
  30. What condition at 4-6wks s/p DF and PF ROM are permitted but eversion, inversion, and circumduction are still post poned?
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