Micro Bio test 3 WMU

  1. The lower respiratory tract consists of what organs
    • trachea
    • bronchi
    • bronchiolies
    • aveolies 
    • pleura
  2. In the Lower respiratory tract the Plueral Movement is what
    lubricant fluid between the pleura and the lungs
  3. in the lower respiratory tract the mucociliary escalator has to parts
    • goblet cells which produce mucous to trap particles
    • cillia to move them up the throat (2cm/min)
  4. in the lower respiratory tract the alveolar macrophages do what
    look for foreign material to ingest
  5. in the lower respiratory tract is the normal flora sterile or not?
  6. Viral or baterial 
    tracheitis, bronchitits, bronchiolitis, pneumonia,
    • T: V sometimes B
    • B:V B:V
    • P: B
  7. Bacterial pneumonia comes from what?
    inhaling bacteria
  8. Viral infections are often what?
  9. Community acquired V. hospital (nosocomial) acquired
    • Get at home or environment
    • get from hospital
  10. Typical V Atypical pneumonia
    • T more sever and bacterial lobar 
    • A mild don't need treatment
  11. In hospital acquired (nosocomial) what changes a little bit
    your normal flora
  12. Number 1-4 bacterial respiratory pathogens
    • pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • staphylococcus aureus 
    • streptococcus pneumonia 
    • e.coli
  13. Pneumoccocal pnemonia
    most common pneumonia (60%)
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