Por and Para

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  1. The book was written by Octavio Paz (checked)
    • El Libro fue escrito por Paz Ocatavio
    • Por = by
    • Is or was done by someone
  2. Laurie left for Spain (checked)
    • Laurita Salio para Espana
    • Para = toward or for
    • Destination, In the direction of something, toward
  3. Dani and I walked through the park (checked)
    • Dani y yo Caminamos por el Parque
    • Por = Through, around
    • Around, Along, Through, General Motion
  4. I go to the school 5 times per week (checked)
    • Voy a la escuela cinco vezes por semana
    • Por = Per or by
    • Unit of Measure, Velocity, Frequency
  5. I gave the waiter 10 euros for the meal (checked)
    • yo di el camarero diez euros por la comida
    • Por = for
    • In exchange for
  6. I bought the puzzle for Dani (checked)
    • Compré el rompecabezas para dani
    • Para = for
    • Recipient
  7. I studied Spanish for 2 hours last night (checked)
    • Yo estudie espanol por dos horas anoche
    • Por = For, during, in
    • Duration of an action, length of time
  8. I have to preheat the oven in order to roast the vegetables (checked)
    • Tengo que precalentar el horno para asar las verduras
    • Para = by or for
    • Purpose or goal
  9. We need to finish the homework by Tuesday (checked)
    • Necesitamos acabar el deberes para el martes
    • Para = by or for
    • Deadline
  10. My mom and I talked on the phone. (checked)
    • Mi Madre y yo hablamos por telefono
    • Por = Means by which something is done
  11. The train is about to leave. (checked)
    • El tren esta para salir
    • Para = Is about
    • Action soon to complete
  12. The Man was hungry and died for lack of food (checked)
    • El hombre tenia hambre y murio por falta de comida
    • Por = Because of, on account of, on behalf of
    • Reason or cause of action
  13. For a child, he reads very well. (checked)
    • Para un niño lee muy bien
    • Para = for or considering
    • Comparison
  14. I use the computer for work every day. (checked)
    • Uso el ordenador para el trabajo todos los días
    • Para = for
    • Employment, job
  15. I bought the Granola for you. (checked)
    • Compré el granola para ti
    • For me or for you
    • Para = for
    • Recipient
  16. Around Here
    Por aqui
  17. Around or by there
    Por alli
  18. Thank you for your help (checked)
    • Gracias por su ayuda
    • Por = for
    • To express gratitude
  19. I prefer to travel by train to Valencia (checked)
    • Prefiero viajar por tren to Valencia
    • Por = by
    • Means of transporatation or communication
  20. I am good for now. (checked)
    Estoy bien por ahora
  21. Finally we are leaving for Spain. (checked)
    • Por fin estamos dejando para España
    • Destination
  22. Why do you want to go to Spain. (checked)
    ¿por qué quieres ir a España
  23. The glass is for water (checked)
    • El vaso es para agua
    • Para = for
    • Use or purpose of a thing
  24. They went to the store for pears. (checked)
    • Fueron a la tienda por peras
    • Por = for
    • In search of
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