History: Causes of WWII Quiz

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  1. Why were Germany and Italy upset with the Treaty of Versailles?
    • Germany: They were already in debt from WWI
    • and they had to pay war reparations to other countries

    Italy: They felt they hadn't been rewarded properly
  2. What was inflation and how did it negatively effect Germany?
    • Inflation was a high rise in prices and decrease in money value. 
    • Germany could not afford any of their own German items
  3. What caused inflation in Germany?
    The 5 billion war reparations that Germany could not afford to pay caused Inflation
  4. How would inflation affect the average German?
    The average German would not be able to afford food, clothes, or any basic necessities.
  5. In three sentences, describe Hitler's rise to leader of Germany
    • Hitler served in WWI and earned medals for his bravery.
    • He joined a small political group called the Nazi's. 
    • Eventually with his talent for public speaking, he was able to work his way to the top of the party and Germany.
  6. What was the Night of the Long Knives?
    Ernest Rohm, an enemy of the Nazi party) was killed by Hitler's SS because any politicians who did not agree with the Nazi party, he felt had to be executed.
  7. What is propaganda?
    Slogans used to make Hitler's crowds understand him better and follow under his leadership
  8. Describe 3 ways in which the Nazis used propaganda to their advantage?
    • They wanted to make sure they had full control of what the public hears (radio, newspaper)
    • They wanted to make everyone feel like they were a part of the military with military orientation 
    • They wanted to show the world in the 1936 Olympics that the Nazis were superior
  9. What are 3 things the Nazis valued in German Society?
    • Superiority
    • Sports
    • Art
  10. 3 similarities between Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin
    • All of them created myths of their own greatness
    • All dictators
    • Each of them hated communism
  11. How did the Fascist governments of Germany and Italy differ from the Communist government of the Soviet Union?
    The fascists were concerned with concentration of wealth

    the Soviet Union were communists who believed wealth is divided among the people
  12. 4 examples of Violent Nationalism
    • Italy invades Ethiopia (275,000 Ethiopians died)
    • Hitler invades Rhineland with his military and invades the Treaty of Versailles
    • Anschluss is when Hitler tries to force the Austrian government to agree to uniting all ethnic Germans. When the government refused Hitler sent in his troops 
    • After Anschluss, Hitler knew no one would try to stop him when he called on German speakers in Czechoslovakia to rebel against their government and threaten military attack.
    • To avoid war, British and French leaders allowed Hitler to annex Sudetenland
  13. Define appeasement
    The diplomatic British and French policy of making political or material concession to an enemy to avoid conflict
  14. How did appeasement contribute to the start of WWII?
    After the British and French gave Hitler Sudetenland, he sent in troops to capture the rest of Czechoslovakia because Hitler knew he had all the power now to do whatever he wanted.
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