1. You mean that the distance is measured in a straight line, not along the road
    as the crow flies
  2. when a plan or idea goes completely wrong and you have to start thinking about it again from the beginning in a different way.
    back to the drawing board
  3. describe a new thing that is very useful
    the best thing since sliced bread
  4. to ask urgently for help when you do not need. As a result, no one believes you when you really do have a problem
    cry wolf
  5. cry a lot because you are very sad
    cry your eyes out
  6. making plans based on something good that might not happen.
    don't count your chickens before they're hatched
  7. to have it in your home
    • give something house room
    • (opposite: wouldn't give something house room)
  8. manage to escape from someone
    give someone the slip
  9. to tell them that you are very angry with them
    give someone a piece of your mind
  10. you do something unpleasant to them in return for a similar thing they have done to you.
    get your own back
  11. to do whatever you want without being punished.
    get away with murder
  12. suddenly become very angry
    fly off the handle
  13. even the least contribution will be useful when it is added to all the rest.
    every little helps
  14. try to achieve something by using every possible method, whether it is fair and honest or not.
    every trick in the book
  15. someone confidently makes a bold statement and they are subsequently proved wrong
    famous last words
  16. it is exactly the right size
    fit like a glove
  17. look pale because of ill or feel sick
    green about the gills
  18. enjoy yourself very much
    have a whale of a time
  19. a place where you feel as relaxed and comfortable as your do in your own home
    a home from home
  20. to talk about the worst thing that can possibly happen, and what you will do if it does
    if the worst comes to the worst
  21. you do it very quickly, often with little effort.
    in next to no time
  22. in trouble with someone for doing (or not doing) something
    in the doghouse
  23. when a series of things go wrong, one after the other. It expresses the idea that troubles always seem to come in groups.
    it never rains but it pours
  24. someone deserve the unpleasant thing that has happened to them.
    it serves someone right
  25. there is usually someone who benefits from a bad situation
    • It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good/
    • it's an ill wind
  26. there is little or no difference between two choices
    it's as broad as it's long
  27. make a sudden quick movement of surprise or fear when sth unexpected happens
    jump out of your skin
  28. to have a serious expression on your face although you want to smile or laugh
    keep a straight face
  29. to look or watch carefully in order to find or see sth
    keep your eyes peeled
  30. to achieve two things with a single action
    kill two beds with one stone
  31. when sth happens to make you feel less pleased
    laugh on the other side of your face
  32. the largest part of sth that is divided among a number of people
    the lion's share
  33. something is to do it very badly
    make a pig's ear of something
  34. it looks or smells delicious
    • make someone's mouth water
    • remark: mouth-watering
  35. not to try to interfere with or find out about other people's live's
    mind your own business
  36. when you try to do things in a hurry they often go wrong
    more haste, less speed
  37. do it all the time
    morning, noon and night
  38. to keep up with latex changes in fashion or technology
    move with the times
  39. there is very little space inside a room or place
    not enough room to swing a cat
  40. know nothing at all about it, or have no idea how to do it
    not know the first thing about something
  41. make no effort to help
    not lift a finger
  42. force you to do or accept something you do not want to do or have
    not take no for an answer
  43. suddenly do it without thinking about it first
    on the spur of the moment
  44. a situation where you do not have enough knowledge or experience to understand or copy with what is going on
    out of your depth
  45. when you make an assumption based on what you have heard or seen
    put two and two together
  46. guess what someone really thinks or feels
    read between the lines
  47. a complicated project takes a long time to complete
    Rome was not built in a day
  48. someone is to agree with them about something in particular or about things general
    • see eye to eye
    • Remar: it is most often used " not see eye to eye"
  49. earnestly want to have it or do it
    set your heart on something
  50. sleep very soundly
    sleep like a log
  51. it is exactly right for you
    suit someone down to the ground
  52. to talk quickly without stopping
    to talk nineteen to the dozen
  53. love them dearly or admire them greatly
    think the world of someone
  54. to carry on doing it until it is finished, even though it is very unpleasant or difficult
    to the bitter end
  55. do it as much as you want
    to your heart's content
  56. a problem can often be solved with the help or advice of another person
    two heads are better than one
  57. in the whole world or that you could possibly think of
    (everything/ everywhere) under the sun
  58. very shy and timid
    wouldn't say boo to a goose
  59. you are particularly proud and fond of it
    your pride and joy
  60. a weak point in someone's character
    Achilles' heel
  61. very clumsy with your hands, making drop things or unable to do something
    • all fingers and thumbs
    • The nervous new employee was all fingers and thumbs (or all thumbs). She kept pressing the wrong keys on the computer.
  62. they are very different in many ways
    as different as chalk and cheese
  63. someone behaves very well ( used for young children)
    as good as gold
  64. not very heavy
    as light as a feather
  65. very well-behaved and polite
    be on your best behaviour
  66. to take on a task that is too great or too difficult for you to do
    bite off more than you can chew
  67. cannot understand it at all
    cannot make head nor tail of something
  68. put on a false show of sorrow by crying when you do not really feel sad
    crocodile tears
  69. to deal with a difficult situation if and when it arises, and not to worry about it in advance
    cross that bridge when you come to
  70. to have the desired effect in solving a problem
    • do the trick
    • If you want to make your windows look sparkling clean, a drop of vinegar in the water will do the trick.
  71. all the hard and boring work associated with a particular job or activity
    donkey work
  72. no matter how hard you try, you cannot succeed
    • fight a losing battle
    • The strikers realised that they were fighting a losing battle so they gave up and went back to work
  73. to take a short nap during the daytime
    forty winks
  74. learn how to do it, usually after practice
    • get the hang of something
    • Jane cannot get the hang of sending text messages on her mobile
  75. ignore it or quickly forget it
    go in one ear and out of the other
  76. to make a special effort, often doing more than is necessary or expected
    • go out of your way
    • The children went out of their way to help their mother when she returned from the hospital
  77. you very much want something that someone else has
    green with envy
  78. it gradually slows down and stops, because it is unable to keep going
    grind to a halt
  79. to be very forgetful
    have a memory like a sieve
  80. want to travel, or to leave the place where they currently live or work and go somewhere new
    get/have a itchy feet
  81. ultimately succeed or win despite earlier opposition or criticism, or you are proved right after everyone said you were wrong
    have the last laugh
  82. you are very anxious, afraid or excited
    have your heart in your much
  83. find out about it from someone else, who has received the information from another person, and so on.
    • hear something on the grapevine
    • You shouldn’t believe everything you hear on the grapevine
  84. something suddenly makes you extremely angry
    hit the roof
  85. When you cannot understand something, either the words are unfamiliar or the subject is too complicated
    it is all Greek to me
  86. go extremely fast
    like a bat out of hell
  87. you grasp it very tightly, often because you are frightened or determined
    • like grim death
    • The man was holding on to the brach like grim death
  88. The final one of a series of bad things happened makes the whole situation unbearable
    the last straw
  89. to have just enough money for the basic things in life
    make ends meet
  90. stay awake when you should be asleep
    do not sleep a wink
  91. not sort of thing that you like
    not my cup of tea
  92. they remain calm and ddl not show fear or anger
    • not turn a hair
    • The owners of the factory didn’t turn a hair when they were told about the fire. This made the policy suspicious.
  93. a long way from towns or cities and people rarely go there
    off the beaten track
  94. used after a time, means exactly at that time
    • on the dot
    • Grandma arrived on the dot of twelve, just as the clock began to strike.
  95. extremely pleased about something
    over the moon
  96. to pay an unreasonably high price for it
    pay through the nose
  97. someone suddenly realises or understand something
    • the penny drops
    • I didn’t recognise the boy who was waving to me. Suddenly, the penny dropped - he had mistaken me for my twin sister.
  98. someone suggests that something might happen but you think it is extremely unlikely
    pigs might fly (if they had wings)
  99. you can learn how to do something eel lby doing it over and over again
    practice makes perfect
  100. you twist your features into an unnatural expression that shows displeasure
    pull a face
  101. do something that spoils their plans and prevents them from succeeding
    put a spoke in someone’s wheel
  102. change your mind about something after considering it more carefully
    have(on) second thoughts
  103. it quickly becomes known by many people or affects many people
    spreads like wildfire
  104. to be independent instead of relying on the help and support of others
    stand on your own two feet
  105. to remain in the same place or position
    stay put
  106. they are only a short distance apart
    a sone’s throw
  107. to be very much better than someone or something else
    streets ahead
  108. do exactly as they say, even though this may not be what they expected or intended
    take someone at their word
  109. it suddenly makes them feel less confident, proud or angry
    take the wind out of someone’s sails
  110. you quickly learn how to do it well
    take to something like a duck to water
  111. hard to believe because the events it describes are so strange or unlikely
    tall story
  112. to be extremely worried, angry or frustrated.
    • tear your hair
    • The band hadn’t arrived, and the organisers of the concert were tearing their hair out.
  113. it is good to be with a lot of other people in a difficult or dangerous situation
    • there’s safety in numbers.
    • The tourists crossed the busy city street in a large group, believing that there was safety in numbers.
  114. When you are (hope to be) successful after two failed attempts to do something
    third time lucky
  115. When it is just a small part of a much larger problem. The full extent of it is still unknown.
    the tip of the iceberg
  116. seems so good that you cannot believe it
    too good to be true
  117. an activity often goes badly when a lot of people are involved.
    too many cooks spoil the broth
  118. they are very angry about something they disagree with and ready to oppose it
    up in arms
  119. if you use resources sensibly and carefully, you will not be without what you need in the future
    waste not, want not
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