EEC lab-barnacle

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  1. portion of the shore that is covered during high tide and exposed to air during low tide
    intertidal zone
  2. what do the barnacles that we are studying look like?
    volcano shaped shells
  3. what are barnacles related too?
    • carbs and lobsters
    • crustaceans
  4. what happens to adult barnacles?
    shells cemented to a rock or other hard object, can't move anywhere
  5. What happens to barnacles when its submerged?
    shell opens, uses feathery legs to filter the water for food particles
  6. What happens to barnacles when the tide recedes?
    closes shell tightly to keep from drying out
  7. name of the two barnacles
    • semibalanus balanoides
    • chthamalus montagui
  8. which barnacle is on the higher rocks
  9. which barnacle is on the lower rocks?
  10. what is the possible factors or combination of factors that may determine where barnacle larva distribute
    • air exposure
    • competition-larval may settle on top of adult killing it
    • neighbors may kill some way-poison or some form of fighting
  11. who studied barnacles in Scottland?
  12. tool for studying species distributions of species interactions
    direct observation
  13. how do barnacles kill each other?
    overgrowing and undercutting
  14. moving individuals from one area to another without removing all individuals of the other species that might be present
  15. remove some individuals from an area that still contains other individuals
    exclusion experiment
  16. snail that crawls around on the rock, eating barnacles
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