1. What does it mean that prepositions are not inflected?
    its form does not change. the only time the preposition changes its form is when it ends ina vowel and the following word begins with a vowel. the final vowel is dropped and marked with an apostrophe. this is called an ellision.

    when a peposition ends in a vowel and the folowing word begins with a vowel and a rough breathing, the consonant before the vowel in the preposition often changes. meta + (h)nmwn = Meth' (h)nmwn.
  2. Prepositions have several possible meanings. What determines which meaning you use?
    the case of the object of the prepositon.
  3. What is the best way to memorize the definition of a preposition?
    (preposition) with the (case) means ____.
  4. Can the main subject and verb be in a dependent clause?
    no. there will be a subject and a verb but not the main ones.
  5. What are two Greek words that introduce dependent clauses?
    (h)iva "in order that" and (h)oti
  6. What is a movable nu?
    a nu occurring at the end of a word that ends witha vowel when the following word begins with a vowel. it aids pronunciation.
  7. What is a predicate nominative?
    The noun following eimi is does not receive the action but is rather telling you something about the subject. Therefore the word is in the nominative case.
Card Set
Prepositions and eimi.