FotB Act I Scene 1 - Buckley

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  1. KAY: Hello - darling.
    Hello - darling...
  2. MRS. BANKS: Please try to behave, Stanley - Come in, Buckley. Kay has told us the news. [Enter holding hands with Kay.] We're very happy about it. Aren't you going to kiss me?
    I'd like to... [kiss Mrs. Banks awkwardly]
  3. BANKS: [Shakes Buckley's hand.] We must - well - we must try to get to know each other better.
    Yes, sir.
  4. BEN: Good going, Buckley!
    Thanks, Ben.
  5. MRS. BANKS: Sit down, Buckley - would you like some hot coffee?
    [Sit on couch, downstage.] No, thank you - I - I just had some.
  6. BANKS: Cigarette, Buckley?
    No, thank you.
  7. MRS. BANKS: We're so excited, Buckley - tell us your plans.
    My plans?
  8. MRS. BANKS: Yes - for the announcements and the wedding - you know - we could get Miss Bellamy - Mr. Banks' secretary - to help with the announcements -
    Well - you see, Mrs. Banks -
  9. KAY: We don't know the date. Don't try to organize us, Mom. I want everything simple.
    We just thought we'd get married sort of when the spirit moved us.
  10. MRS. BANKS: Kay - let Buckley tell me his idea.
    Well - you see - I wouldn't want a lot of trappings - I thought -
  11. MRS. BANKS: You mean you don't want to get married in a church, Buckley - ?
    As a matter of fact, we do want a church. But I thought we could just drive around in the country and find a nice little church with lots of ivy - you know - and get someone to play the organ - and we could just walk down the aisle hand in hand - and - well - just do it like that.
  12. BUCKLEY: ...and we could just walk down the aisle hand in hand - and - well - just do it like that.
    KAY: Without anyone, Buckley - ?
    Well - with just whatever witnesses were there - you know - and whatever we had on -
  13. MRS. BANKS: No wedding dress?
    BANKS: I think he's got something.
    KAY: But, darling -
    Just a minute, darling - the way I feel, Mr. Banks - it's between me and Kay - and - well - God. I mean - I love Kay - Mr. Banks - and I want to pledge myself to take care of her -
  14. BUCKLEY: ...and I want to pledge myself to take care of her -
    KAY: Buckley - you're sweet -
    But I don't see why Tom, Dick and Harry have to gawk at me or why I have to get in a monkey suit - or be made into a tribal exhibit -
  15. BANKS: ...the chief is going to put a ring in Buckley's nose! Everybody look or it isn't legal!
    KAY: Pops - whose wedding is this?
    That's the way I feel, Mr. Banks. I think it's kind of disgusting to stand up and have everyone stare at you. I think it's more sacred if it's just the two of us. I -
  16. BANKS: Oh - nobody worries about its being sacred ... it's a free show ... free eats...
    But I want it to be sacred, Mr. Banks. I mean... the way I feel about Kay and everything... that's private... isn't it? I mean... it belongs to Kay and to me. I don't see why it should get turned into a circus. The way I feel about it is... if a man can't have a few things private in his life, then life isn't worth living. And Kay agrees with me.
  17. MRS. BANKS: Kay would make a beautiful bride!
    [Dreamy] Some mornings when the sun is shining - we'll just get in the car... Maybe she'll have on her dungarees... how do I know... and I'll just say to Kay... "Well... this is it, darling," and she'll say to me, "This is it, darling," and we'll just drive till we find the little church... Isn't that it, Kay?
  18. BANKS: The one wit the ivy and the organ playing.
    Yes, sir... and we'll just take each other's hands and walk in... That's what we want, isn't it, Kay? Kay... Kay... what are you doing?
  19. MRS. BANKS: She's crying!
    BANKS: Oh! For gosh' sakes!
    Kay - darling - what's the matter?
  20. BUCKLEY: Kay - darling - what's the matter?
    KAY: Nothing!
    But you said that's what you wanted!
  21. BUCKLEY: But you said that's what you wanted!
    BANKS: Listen, Buckley...
    But that's what she said, Mr. Banks!
  22. BANKS: I know, Pal. But you can't always go by what they say...
    You can't? But then... how do you know? ... I mean... how the heck do you know where you are?
  23. BUCKLEY: You can't? But then... how do you know? ... I mean... how the heck do you know where you are?
    BANKS: You don't. But you'll learn, son.
    Kay... listen, Kay... please tell me what's the matter?
  24. MRS. BANKS: You'd think you were ashamed of her, Buckley, all this sneaking off in a car.
    Ashamed of her? Of Kay? I think she's the most beautiful girl I ever saw.
  25. BANKS: You better settle for a ring through your nose, Buckley!
    But, Kay - I thought you wanted it simple. You said you wanted it simple... darling... please.
  26. MRS. BANKS: ...And when a mother has a daughter as lovely as Kay she wants a chance to show her off a little bit -
    BANKS: Who said women were civilized?
    But, Kay... I don't understand... what do you want, darling? God knows I want you to have what you want.
  27. MRS. BANKS: She wants a nice quiet little wedding in her own church!
    Is that what you want?
  28. MRS. BANKS: Because it's what every woman wants!
    Do they? Is that right?
  29. KAY: I thought maybe around June tenth.
    BANKS: "Don't pin me down, Pops," she said.
    MRS. BANKS: At Saint George's -
    [Solemnly] I want it to be the way you want it, Kay!
  30. MRS. BANKS: So she can remember it all her life.
    All right, Kay.
  31. KAY: Oh! Darling -
    BANKS: Here we go. Too bad, son -
    Thank you, sir -
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