Chapter 3 Psychology

  1. Cell Body
    Produces energy that fuels activity
  2. Dentrites
    Receives information from other neurons and passes message through cell body
  3. Axon
    Carries messages away from cell body
  4. Myelin
    White fatty substance that insulates and protects axon
  5. Myelin Sheath
    Speeds transmission of messages
  6. Axon terminals
    Small fibers at the end of the axon that branch out
  7. Synapse
    A junction between the axon terminals of one neuron and the dentrites of another neuron
  8. Neurotransmitters
    chemicals stored in sacs in the axon terminals
  9. Acetylcholine
    a neurotransmitter that, among its functions, triggers muscle contractions
  10. Endorphins
    • .means "morphine within"
    • .natural, opiate-like neurotransmitters
    • .linked to pain control and to pleasure
  11. Auto
  12. Auto
  13. Autonomic
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Chapter 3 Psychology
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