Contract & Tort Def Chapter # 12

  1. cause in fact
    the factual link between one person’s actions and another person’s harm
  2. cause in law
    the proximity or remoteness of one person’s actions in causing another person’s harm
  3. class action
    a lawsuit brought by one party who represents many persons with similar claims
  4. complex causation
    multiple causative factors, including possible contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff and/ or conditions not caused by plaintiff or defendant
  5. duty of care
    1. the legal obligation to exercise care in favour of a plaintiff and his or her interests 2. a legal obligation imposed on an individual to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm to another who might reasonably be affected and who ought to be in the individual’s contemplation
  6. negligence
    1. an act committed without intention to cause harm, but which a reasonable person would anticipate might cause harm 2. a tort based on careless conduct or conduct that creates a reasonably foreseeable risk of harm
  7. standard of care
    1. legal criteria against which a defendant’s conduct is measured to determine whether he or she has been negligent 2. how well, how carefully, or how thoroughly a person carried out the duty of care owed to another
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Contract & Tort Def Chapter # 12
Contract & Tort Def Chapter #12