Anatomy 1 Lecture 16 - Sole of Foot

  1. What is the plantar aponeurosis?
    Thick plantar fascia, similar to that of the palm. Acts as a strong tie for the longitudinal arches of the foot. Attachs posteriorly to the medial process of the calcaneus, anteriorly to the heads of the metatarsals.
  2. Muscles of the first layer?
    • Abductor Hallucis
    • Flexor Digitorum Brevis
    • Adbuctor digiti quanti
  3. Abductor Hallucis OINA
    • O: Calcaneous
    • I: Proximal phalanx
    • N: Medial Plantar n, of tibial n.
    • A: Abduct and flex the hallux
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  4. Flexor Digitorum Brevis OINA
    • O: Calcaneus
    • I: Meiddle phalanges of lateral four toes
    • N: Medial plantar n. of the tibial n.
    • A: Flexes toes
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  5. Muscles of the second layer?
    • Flexor Digitorum Longus tendon
    • Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon
    • Quadratus Plantae
    • Lubricals
  6. Flexor Digitorum Longus Tendon OINA
    • O: Tibia
    • I: Distal phalanx of lateral four digits
    • N: Tibial N.
    • A: Flexion of digits 2-5
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  7. Flexor Hallicus Longus Tendon OINA
    • O: Fibula
    • I: Distal Phalanx of big toe
    • N: Tibial n
    • A: Flexion of hallux
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  8. Quadratus Plantae OINA
    • O: Calcaneus
    • I: Tendon of the flexor digitorum longus
    • N: Lateral Plantar n. of the tibial n.
    • A: Redirect the line of pull of the tendon of the flexor digitorum longus.
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  9. Lumbricals OINA
    • O: Tendons of the flexor digitorum longus ( so quadratus plantea inserts and the lumbricals attach here)
    • I: Dorsal digital expansions
    • N: Medial one by the medial plantar n. Lateral 3 by the lateral plantar n.
    • A: Flexes the MPJ and extends the proximal IPJ of the lateral 4 toes.
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  10. What are the muscles of the third layer?
    • Flexor Hallucis brevis
    • Flexor Digiti quinti
    • Adductor Hallucis
  11. Flexor Hallucis brevis OINA
    • O: Cuboid and lateral cuneiform
    • I: Proximal phalanx of the big toe
    • N: Medial plantar n.
    • A: Flexes the greawt toe
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  12. Flexor Digiti Quinti OINA
    • O: Base of the 5th metatarsal
    • I: Proximal phalanz of the 5th toe
    • N: Lateral plantar n.
    • A: Flex the little toe
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  13. ADductor Hallucis OINA
    • O: Oblique head-base of the 2,3,4 metatarsals. Transverse head-Plantar ligaments of the lateral four MPL
    • I: Proximal phalanx
    • N: Latearl plantar n.
    • A: Adducts the great toe, assists in maintaining the transverse arch of the goot.
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  14. Muscles of the fourth later?
    • Planter Interossei
    • Dorsal Interossei
  15. Plantar Interossei OINA
    • O: Medial sides of the 3,4,5 metatarsals.
    • I: Medial sides of the proximal phalanges of the 3,4,5 digits and the extensor expansions
    • N: Lateral Plantar n.
    • A: Adduct to the line of the second toe.
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  16. Dorsal Inerossei OINA
    • O: Adjacent sides of the two metatarsals
    • I: 1-medial side of 2nd digit. 2-Lateral side of 2nd digit. 3-lateral side of the 3rd digit 4-abducts from line of the 2nd toe
    • N: Lateral plantar n.
    • A: abducts from line of the 2nd toe
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  17. What does the medial plantar nerve innervate?
    • Abductor hallucis
    • Flexor Hallucis Brevis
    • Flexor Digitorum Brevis
    • Medial Lumbricals
    • Sensory to skin og the medial sole and medial 3.5 digits
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  18. What does the plantar nerve innervate?
    • All other muscle of the foot.
    • Skin of the lateral sole and lateral 1.5 digits.Image Upload 13
  19. Cutaneous innervation of the dorsum of the foot?
    • Medial side: saphenous n.
    • Lateral side: Superficial peroneal nerve and sural nerve
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  20. Explain the arterial supply. What does the poterior tibial artery divide into? What is the continuation of the anterior tibial artery? What does it divide into?
    • Inferior to the medial malleolus, the posterior tibial artery divides into the medial plantar and lateral plantar arteries.
    • The Dorsalis Pedis is the continuations of ant. tib. art. - divides into the deep plantar artery and the arcuate artery (gives rise to digital arteries for digits 2-5)
  21. Which artery supplies the medial side of the sole? Which artery runs between the adbuctor hallucis and the flexor digitorum brevis? between layers one and two.
    The medial plantar n.
  22. Which artery runs laterally between the flexor digitorum brevis and quadratus plantea (1st and 2nd layers)?
    Which artery turns medially at the base of the 5th metatarsal and heads b etween the 3rd and 4th layers to the base of the 1st metatarsal as the plantar arch?
    What does the plantar arch join up with?
    What does the plantar arch give rise to?
    • Lateral plantar artery.
    • Lateral plantar artery, then becomes the plantar arch
    • Plantar arch joins up with the deep plantar bracn of the dorsalis pedis
    • to metatarsal and digital arteries for supply of blood to the tarsal joints, digits 1-5 and surrounding musculature.
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